Fighting stance. 90 Day Fiancé alum Chantel Jimeno (née Everett) admitted that she is “jealous” of husband Pedro Jimeno‘s coworkers, including his friend and colleague Antonella Barrenechea, and she’s gearing up to confront them on the Monday, July 18 episode of their reality show, The Family Chantel.

“The thing that bothers me for real for real, there was one night when Pedro came home and he had a girl’s name taped to his keys and it said, ‘Antonella,'” Chantel, 31, vented to a friend in a sneak peek shared via TLC’s Instagram page on Monday.

When her friend asked who Antonella is, Chantel replied, “That’s a girl he works with and takes her to work all the time. Like, her charger’s in there, her cup and the mirror’s been down a lot of times like a girl’s been doing her makeup in there.”

The Georgia native’s friend asked if Chantel confronted Pedro about it and she said yes, but the Dominican Republic native said that the reason Antonella taped her name on his keys was because they had been playing a prank game in their office.

In her confessional, Chantel’s pal said that she didn’t think Pedro was cheating on his wife with Antonella. “Because he looked at me in the eyes and told me how much he loves her,” Chantel’s friend explained. “Pedro has shared with me that he’s dealing with things outside of the marriage problem, like with his mom, with his sister. But if it is a serious enough issue where it’s happening? I’mma beat his ass.”

Chantel’s friend suggested that Pedro might feel like his real estate coworkers are family to him, and she urged Chantel to think about how much time she spends with her family. “Does Pedro have that family here?” she asked. “No, he doesn’t,” Chantel agreed. Her friend said that Pedro might be “clinging” to his friends at work because he doesn’t have this family around.

Courtesy of Pedro Jimeno/Instagram

“Why won’t he cling to me?” Chantel responded. “Because you guys aren’t communicating,” her friend said then gave her some advice. “I think you need to just get to know him again, date him, and if he’s hanging out with these friends at work — you hang out with these friends at work.”

“But I might have to put some people in their place,” Chantel said.

In her confessional, Chantel explained why she was reluctant to spend more time with Pedro and his coworkers. “It makes me feel jealous of the time that he spends with them, that he’s having so much fun with other people and he’s not having fun with me,” she said. “But I’m gonna fight for my relationship and I’m gonna fight for my marriage. I hope that by me fighting, he’ll see my efforts and he’ll realize that I love him and I’m here for better or for worse.”

However, in a second preview clip shared by TLC on Sunday, July 17, Chantel joined Pedro and his coworkers for drinks after work.  Things got tense because Pedro felt Chantel “walked into the room with [an] attitude” — and even Pedro’s real estate boss, Laura, noticed.

“I think Chantel just wanted to come and I guess, see what Pedro was up to,” Laura said. “When she walked in, I could definitely feel the tension because of the way he was looking at her like, ‘What are you doing here?’ type of thing instead of saying, ‘Hey, you’re here, that’s great, come and join,’ maybe.”

She added, “Pedro is very private about his life at home and I respect that, but it was tense.”

The Family Chantel airs on TLC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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