A change of heart? The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno‘s mother, Lidia Jimeno, seemed to soften her heart toward her daughter-in-law, Chantel Jimeno (née Everett), after years of not being accepting of her son’s wife.

In a sneak peek for the Monday, August 1 episode of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff, Chantel, 31, made a surprise trip to the Dominican Republic to visit her mother-in-law to try to repair their relationship and ask her for advice about how to save her marriage to Pedro, 30, after he told her he wanted a separation.

“Chantel seems to be hurt. As a woman, I took her side, a bit. But I was more curious to see what is Pedro’s version,” Lidia said in her confessional.

During a scene on a video call with her son, Lidia told Pedro that Chantel had arrived in the Dominican Republic and he seemed upset. “What is she doing there right now?” he asked his mother. “What does she want to talk to you about?”

“She came to make amends. That she has situations with the family, that she wanted to have a conversation because you don’t give her attention. It’s work and work,” Lidia explained.”

Pedro hit back, “How can she go down there to talk to you? That already upsets me. How can she go there to talk to you behind my back without telling me?”

Courtesy of Pedro Jimeno/Instagram

Lidia then added that Chantel had brought a gift for her mother-in-law — a pair of Gucci sunglasses—and she showed them off to her son on the video chat. However, Pedro felt Chantel had an ulterior motive for giving an expensive present to his mother.

“My mom [is] like a chapiadora — [a] ‘gold digger,’” Pedro said in his confessional. “My mom likes to get [gifts] and Chantel [knows] that. If she [is trying] to save my marriage, you don’t need to bring some glasses or bring things to my mom. Just bring your heart and that’s it. [Don’t] try to put my mom against me.”

During the video call, Pedro explained that he told Chantel that he wanted to move out and wanted to break up. “Things are that serious?” Lidia asked. Pedro then told his mother about the “scene” Chantel made at the happy hour in front of his coworkers and Lidia said Chantel didn’t mention that during their chat. Pedro told his mother to ask Chantel about the incident with his coworkers and said Chantel wasn’t being “honest” with her about their marital issues.

“He has a new job and he doesn’t have time for anything anymore. I’ve called him myself and it’s always, ‘There’s a client, I’ll call you later.’ So I understand Chantel is right about that,” Lidia said in her confessional. “But to embarrass him in front of his coworkers? That’s not right.”

Lidia and Chantel have been at odds for years, so Pedro asked what made his mother change her mind about his wife now.

“No, I haven’t changed like that. I just want to listen to her and give her an opportunity because you don’t lose anything [by] listening,” Lidia told her son. “We simply have to know what it is that she wants.”

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