Moves are never easy, and you’d think the Brown family from Sister Wives would know that by now. By their own admission, they’ve moved several times in their lives — mostly recently from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona. Over on Twitter on March 17, Robyn Brown — one of Kody Brown’s wives — reflected on that recent move while live-tweeting an episode of their series when she wrote, “It was so stressful looking for rentals. I prayed and prayed we would all find something that worked for each of us #sisterwives.”

Robyn, 40, was referring to the period right before Aspyn Brown’s wedding where the Browns knew they wanted to move to Flagstaff and had property lined up on which to build homes, but hadn’t worked out where they would all stay until the houses were ready. Since then the Brown wives all have homes in Arizona, but we can see why juggling finding that many different places to stay for that many people would be … well, yea, pretty stressful.

robyn brown

Radar Online reported on February 27 that first wife Meri Brown is renting a four-bedroom, five-bathroom home worth $861,179 in the Brown family’s new home city of Flagstaff. Her home is nine miles from Kody, 50, and Christine Brown’s three-bedroom, two-bathroom home. The outlet reported that Meri, 48, is 13 miles from Janelle Brown’s $347,000 home, which she is renting for $2,900, and Christine, 46, and Kody’s home is 12 miles away from Janelle, 49, and 8.5 miles away from Robyn.

During the March 17 episode of Sister Wives that featured Aspyn and Mitch Thompson’s wedding, the wives expressed in confessionals and to each other how challenging they found the Flagstaff rental market. But not everyone following along on Twitter was super supportive while watching their struggle.

“I wish I knew how y’all afforded all of these houses and weddings and now rentals. I would be so stressed out,” one person noted in the replies to Robyn’s tweet. Another wrote, “You know how ridiculous it sounds when someone of your resources complains about stress associated with renting a mansion, right?” Guess there’s really no sympathy from the snarkier section of the Sister Wives audience on this particular topic!

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