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Which Property Did the ‘Sister Wives’ Choose? The Brown Family Had a Big Decision to Make

It looks like they made a decision! The Brown family on TLC’s Sister Wives had to choose between two locations to make a new home on the March 10 episode of the series, and not everyone agreed on which place was perfect. So, which property did the Sister Wives stars ultimately choose? The two options were Coyote Pass and Cottonwood, and it sounds like Coyote Pass won out. Can you guess which wife was overruled in the decision-making process?

According to Robyn BrownKody Brown’s fourth wife — over on Twitter, the family’s offer on Coyote Pass was accepted. During the episode, viewers saw that Kody, 50, struggled with how big the move was going to be only after the offer was a done deal, and Robyn commented on that while following along during the episode. “Whenever Kody started pushing for us to move from Vegas I would remind him what we would have to give up and have to do in order to move. I knew it was going to be hard. It finally hit him the day our offer on the land was accepted,” she wrote.

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Why Did the Browns Choose Coyote Pass? CC&R Real Estate Rules Came Into Play

Kody wrote on Twitter while the episode aired that he loved Cottonwood in part because “it has no restrictions and lots of trees.” Those restrictions are part of the CC&Rs — Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. They’re, essentially, rules the seller sets for use of the property. A majority of the Browns liked Coyote Pass better, but it had some CC&Rs included in the deal. The family and their realtor were able to work around those, making the purchase more attractive to the family and Kody in particular.

Was Anything Else Wrong With Coyote Pass? The Prairie Dog Plague Almost Put a Damper on Things!

As previously mentioned, most of the family liked Coyote Pass more than Cottonwood. Christine Brown, Kody’s third wife, became alarmed when their realtor mentioned the kids shouldn’t play in the dirt when they were looking at the property because the prairie dogs there could have the plague and she wasn’t sure how it was spread. Yikes! But Janelle Brown, the second wife, addressed that issue with a fan on Twitter and wrote, “There are people that come in and clean and test the land to make sure it’s safe.”

Who Liked Cottonwood Better? One of the Wives Didn’t Get Her Way

In a previous episode of Sister Wives, Meri Brown and Kody visited Cottonwood together and both agreed they liked it more than Coyote Pass. Meri, 48, mentioned again on the March 10 episode that Coyote Pass just didn’t “sing” to her the way it did for the others, but she was out-voted. Janelle, 49, wrote about their “voting” process on Twitter when she said, “I live in a bureaucracy. Everything requires a committee decision. It makes for strong decisions but WOW it takes us a long time to take action sometimes 😅 I’m doing a happy dance that we are finally doing something.” Too bad Meri wasn’t dancing too.

In real life, the Browns are already living in Flagstaff, Arizona. But they live far apart, and it may be some time before their new homes on the property they picked are complete. Viewers will probably get to see all the steps in that complicated process as the show continues.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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