Things are getting a little tense on Sister Wives. On the February 17 episode, Kody Brown brought up a possible move away from Las Vegas with his wives, and they weren’t exactly jumping at the opportunity to leave. But as you can see in the video above, Kody told his wives, “When we go, we go all together.” That led to some intense discussions and a little bit of fighting between Kody, 50, and Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown. Check out the video above to see Kody introducing the idea of moving to his wives, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Sister Wives fans likely now know that the Browns moved to Flagstaff, Arizona. But how they went from seemingly enjoying their lives in Vegas to suddenly up and moving their large family to another state entirely was a bit of a mystery — until now. The whole saga is playing out on the latest season of the TLC show, including discussions behind the move that got a bit heated, according to Radar Online. In the midst of giving a presentation to his wives on why they should leave Las Vegas, Kody explained in the episode, “My intentions were never to be here permanently. I was thinking about going back to Utah. It would be very dangerous, the laws are worse. I’m not telling you where we’re going to go, but we go all together.” It definitely seems like he’s put his foot down on this one.


Kody explained that selling their four Las Vegas homes would help them financially, but his wives were still not pleased with the idea. As you can see in the sneak peek video for the latest season above, Janelle, 49, tells him, “I’m not gonna do that again. I’m not going to pull Gabriel out in his junior year of high school.”

On the February 17 episode, Meri, 48, noted that she was particularly “concerned about the acceptance we would get anywhere else.” Christine, 46, echoed Janelle’s fears about their kids adjusting to changing schools again. “The heartache we had with the older kids will be the same with the younger kids,” she said. In season 2, the Brown family left Utah under threat of prosecution for bigamy, disrupting everything from schooling for the kids to the way the family had been living together for many years.

Kody Brown's Family Smiles In Colorado
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Some of the wive even considered staying behind when faced with another move. Christine thought about staying back a year so her daughter Gwen could stay in her Las Vegas school. “He said no,” Christine said of Kody’s response, according to Radar. “It was so hard to hear. It’s still hard to hear.” But as Kody said in the episode, “Sometimes you have to buck up and lead and others have to follow,” and apparently, the whole family did end up in Flagstaff in the end. Just how they all got to that point will continue to be revealed on this season of Sister Wives.

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