Reflecting on the past. 90 Day Fiancé alum Jay Smith (real name: Conroy St. Christopher Smith) is breaking his silence about his stint on the hit TLC reality show in an exclusive tell-all interview with In Touch. The 22-year-old regrets ever going on the series, claiming his “life would be different” now if he didn’t ever document his long-distance love story with estranged wife, Ashley Smith (née Martson).

The former TV personality claims it was his ex’s idea to appear on 90 Day Fiancé and he just went along with it. “I had no part of it,” he tells In Touch exclusively. “I feel like the show portrayed my relationship as a very toxic relationship, like I’m the bad person but [no] it wasn’t [accurate].”

Jay Smith Regrets 90 Day Fiance

Jay claims some of the awkward scenarios on the show were manufactured to boost ratings, however, he also confirms they were going through some very real relationship struggles behind closed doors.

“The Tinder incident that happened, that was staged because without drama you don’t have a show,” he says. “The Tinder scandal, it was just an act so it was easy to move [past it] because you know, we just act on the TV and after … that was it.”

The Jamaica native also talked about his second cheating scandal with the mystery woman in the bathroom, and claimed the GQ Barber Shop owners told Ashley, 33, about it.

“To my knowledge, they got paid to do that,” Jay claims. “They got paid $500 each to do that and the reason why that happened in the bathroom is because there was a lot that Ash and I was going through … and I just couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to do my own thing.”

Ashley Martson 90 Day Fiance Star Jay Smith Breaks Silence After ICE Custody

As far as his reaction to her finding out, he says it was somewhat of a “relief” for him. “I didn’t want to bring that on my shoulders for the rest of my life,” the reality star confesses. “The next thing is; payback is a bitch.”

During the season 6 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? tell-all, Jay alluded there was a “reason” for his cheating scandals, but he didn’t go into further detail about why. Now, he admits there were “more things” he wanted to say, but he decided to bite his tongue.

“Not everything you want to just put out there like, knowing that it can ruin someone’s future,” he tells In Touch, explaining how he wanted to protect Ashley’s two children. “So, I made the decision to take the blame because I don’t got kids. She got kids. I can take the blame I’m just a young kid I got my life ahead of me. So I keep that stuff to myself.”

Jay also elaborates on how he always wanted to be there for his former flame in tough times, despite their differences. “When Ashley was hospitalized, I was going to Florida to visit my brother and I know whenever she got sick … I didn’t want to leave her in that situation on her own knowing that she don’t got anybody to look out for her, so I made the decision to put that off and tend to her,” he tells In Touch.

So, why is he speaking out now? “I’m off probation,” he says, noting how he can finally share his side of the story.

In response to Jay’s interview, Ashley tells In Touch she “wishes him the best,” adding, “I hope he moves on with his life to more productive things, instead of finding new ways to justify his past transgressions.”

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