He’s owning up. 90 Day Fiancé couple Jay Smith and Ashley Martson‘s relationship was rocked with a cheating scandal only one week into their marriage. On this week’s episode of the hit TLC reality TV series, Ashley revealed that her husband had been unfaithful to her by using a secret Tinder profile to talk to multiple women online. But shortly after the episode, Jay took to Instagram to share a message to fans seemingly showing remorse for what he had done.

“It happens and it is what it is, I cannot go back in time and change the past,” Jay, 20, wrote in a text post that was posted by blogger John Yates. “I can only create a brighter future and make up for whosoever heart I have broken.”

The scandal came to light just one week after Ashley and Jay returned back to their home in Mechanicsburg, PA from their elopement ceremony in Las Vegas. Speaking to producers on camera, Ashley explained how she found out about Jay’s cheating.

“Someone was FaceTiming Jay at like midnight and I noticed it said ‘Paige’ on the phone and I was like, ‘Who is FaceTiming you at this late in the night?’ and he had just came home from the gym,” Ashley, 31, explained. “And then he was like ‘Oh yeah, a girl that was calling about a tattoo.’

Ashley said that she kept asking Jay, who works as a tattoo artist, about why a woman would be FaceTiming him late at night for a tattoo, and he didn’t explain so she decided to message the woman herself. Ashley asked the woman why she was calling her husband and the woman responded, saying that she met Jay on Tinder. The woman also said that Jay never told her that he was married and that they had plans to meet in person over the weekend.

She then confronted Jay and gave him an ultimatum: either he confesses to having a Tinder and talking to other women, or Ashley would read through the screenshots of his conversations with the woman to confirm that he had been cheating and then kick him out. “That’s when he admitted to everything and I was like, ‘we’re done,'” she said.

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