Though we haven’t seen 90 Day Fiancé star Jay Smith interacting with his future step-kids on the show, that doesn’t mean that he and Ashley Martson‘s children don’t have a relationship. In a recent Instagram Q&A, the reality personality opened up about about a couple different facets of his life, including the racist hate he and his fiancée had been getting on their wedding site. When a fan asked about his relationship with Ashley’s kids, who are 11 and seven years old, he answered that, too.

“Do you get along with Ashley’s kids??” one fan wrote. “Love you guys!! Such a beautiful couple! In response, Jay posted a picture of the kids all dressed up in their Halloween costumes at school. “Hell yeah,” he added on the photo, highlighting which kids were Ashley’s. He even put a heart sticker over her daughter’s face to help protect her privacy and respect his fiancée’s wishes. How sweet is that?

90 Day Fiance Jay Ashley Kids Get Along Great
Courtesy Jay Smith/Instagram

Recently, Ashley opened up in her own Instagram Q&A about her relationship and family. She admitted that there are no plans to feature them on the show anytime soon, but made it clear that they do have a relationship with Jay. “Where are your babies? Do you prefer them not on TV?” a fan asked, and Ashley responded, “They are not allowed on TV or social media. It isn’t a place for kids. I won’t allow it.” She did, however, post a picture of her son with Jay while they were filming — and, of course, his face was also covered with a heart. “They are on set a lot, though!” Ashley added, and it was clear the two guys get along great.

90 Day Fiance Jay Ashley Kids Get Along Great
Courtesy Ashley Martson/Instagram

Though Jay isn’t much older than his step-kids, Ashley has previously called him “extremely mature” — and considering that she has “baby fever,” it may not be long until they’ve got another little one of their own. Considering that the star recently revealed she had a hysterectomy at age 26, they’d have to use a surrogate or consider the adoption route, but we have faith that they’ll find a way to make it happen when they’re ready. For now, it’s clear they’re already a super happy little family.

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