90 Day Fiancé stars Christian and Cleo found sparks online, but did their love translate in real life? The Minnesota native traveled across the pond to meet Cleo, but it’s clear they have some obstacles they have to get through if they want their relationship to last.

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Christian and Cleo Meet?

Cleo, 32, is from England and identifies as a transgender woman. She met 30-year-old, Christian, the self-proclaimed “life of the party” online over one year ago. While it started out as a friendship, it became a full-blown romance.

“Growing up, I always related more to my female peers,” she explained in a teaser shared by the 90 Day Fiancé official Instagram page in June 2023. “I tried my hardest to fit in as a man, but that was just not what I felt.” 

Cleo feared that she would not be accepted by those closest to her as she’s also autistic. She felt she had it “hard enough” and didn’t want to “add anything else to the mix.”

What Obstacles Did Christian and Cleo Face In Their Relationship?

As for Christian, it’s clear his family has questions as he has a history of dating exclusively cis women.

“There’s something about Cleo. I mean there’s definitely some differences,” he told his friends in another clip. “But as far as my feelings toward Cleo, it’s strong enough to overcome any type of situation like that.” 

His family also went as far as to ask if Cleo has undergone gender confirmation surgery.

“So Cleo and I have discussed our anatomy and I know everything there is to know about her,” the Minnesota native told producers in a private confessional. “But when my friends and family approach the subject, I just find it extremely uncomfortable to answer because it’s not like I’m asking, ‘Hey buddy, what’s your girlfriend labia like?’”

As Christian prepared to visit Cleo, he revealed that some of the negative things his family members said were starting to get to him and decided that he wanted to do less PDA in public with Cleo. 

“Initially, one of the first things that Christian said to me is, that he’s really big on holding hands, kissing,” Cleo told producers in another scene prior to the Minnesota native’s arrival. “However, suddenly he changed his mind and that maybe we shouldn’t kiss in public or the airport, and that was a a little bit hurtful.”

Fans watched the Italy native meet Christian for the first time during the July 9 episode. While they shared a kiss at the airport, Christian admitted to feeling “awkward.” 

The couple went on their first date at a bar, and Cleo was surprised when Christian started to speak to other women throughout the night. 

“Maybe it’s just me being cliche, or I don’t know, boring or whatever,” she explained during the July 30 episode. “I feel like a first date with a girl, you kind of want to make it about you two, and you felt the need to make it about a larger group of girls.”

The TV personality continued, “You did not really include me in the conversation rather than mentioning my name. I wouldn’t go on a first date with you, and then start talking to a group of dudes and sit next to them and tell them I’m from Italy and everything when I’m literally there to get to know you.”

While Christian denied that he flirted with other women, he did admit that he understood how his actions made Cleo feel like he was giving her the “cold shoulder.”

Instead of venturing out again, the couple shared an intimate date night the next day at home. 

They clearly found sparks during their night in as the runway model revealed that “one thing led to another” and the pair had sex during the August 6 episode. She pleasantly reported that it wasn’t awkward despite her not having completed her gender confirmation surgeries. 

“I’ve got kind of complexes about the fact, you know, there’s still certain, you know, transition-related surgeries that I’d like to get,” she told her friend Jane. “I probably might be more androgynous.” 

However, after finding out that Christian told producers that they only “hit second base,” Cleo felt he broke her trust by lying about their evening together.

“I’m obviously feeling very agitated and confused as to why he was so vague with the producers and was not transparent at all,” Cleo told Jane later that day. In a private confessional, she added, “I let myself be vulnerable with Christian those nights, so for him to go on and lie about our intimacy today feels extremely confusing and upsetting.” 

Christian said he was “protecting” Cleo, but Cleo felt she was being gaslit by the U.S. native and refused to be his “secret lover.”

“Maybe he doesn’t want people or his family to be able to know that he has been intimate with a trans woman,” Cleo continued. “He doesn’t want to hear their opinions.”

Despite the roadblocks, the two made it clear that they wanted to put their relationship back on track, with Cleo admitting that she would still be keeping her guard up. Trying to take a step forward, Cleo arranged for her and Christian to have a couple’s astrological reading, despite Christian’s hesitations. The seemingly good idea went south quickly. The astrologer revealed that it is possible the two do not stay together, much to Cleo’s devastation.

In an attempt to reconnect after the reading, Christian and Cleo decide to cosplay and visit a costume shop together. During the shopping session, Christian presented Cleo with a silver necklace and he confirmed his “love for her.”

Things got sidetracked once again after Christian told Cleo that he met an American woman earlier while at a bar and invited her to their Thanksgiving celebration. 

“Socializing can be very draining for autistic people, so I prefer not to socialize in unknown environments,” Cleo privately told producers during the August 27 episode. “And Christian kind of knows that about me, and I’m feeling disappointed and frustrated that he’s not making an effort to understanding my needs or where I’m coming from.”

While Christian offered to introduce Cleo prior to their celebration, she admitted she would get anxious regardless due to it being a stranger.

“This isn’t the first time that I hear from Christian, that he’s talking to another woman and whether it is on a plane, a bar, and I’m starting to kind of see a pattern,” Cleo continued in her confessional. “Even though his intentions are just to be friendly, I feel that it is a little strange to constantly seek that attention and validation from other women.”

Despite the woman from the bar ultimately not making it to the dinner, Cleo brought up the subject to her friend Jane at dinner. Cleo questioned why she had only seen Christian start conversations with women. 

“If I was in a bar and I was sitting there alone and guys sat next to me, and started talking to me, my assumption would be that the guy is potentially interested in me,” Cleo explained over dinner during the September 3 episode. “I’ve never been uncomfortable with you having female friends but if we are long term and you saw a lonely girl in a bar and just, you know, spontaneously went here, sat next to her, that would probably be crossing a line.” 

Christian denied crossing a boundary by asking for their phone number and he blamed his extrovert personality. Days later, with Cleo still worried about Christian’s faithfulness, she questioned him about his “red flags.” 

“I’m totally happy for you to be still networking, branch out, make new friends, hang out with your already-existing female friends,” Cleo told him during the September 10 episode. “But probably, it would not make me happy if you were to approach girls that appear to be single and just sitting on their own.”

Christian took this harshly, saying he there “nothing” in the way he approached women at bars and felt Cleo was “changing who he was.” 

“So I feel like I have nothing to be guilty about,” he replied. In a private confessional, he added, “I knew that Cleo doesn’t want me approaching women at bars, but hearing her say that it worries her that, you know, if I’m gonna be faithful or not, that’s really unsettling to me.”

Are 90 Day Fiance’s Christian and Cleo Still Together?

While keeping the status of their relationship a secret, Cleo seemingly defended Christian after he got backlash from fans for flirting with other women in several scenes on the show while he was visiting her in London.

“Hi you guys, I just wanted to make a quick video to say I really appreciate all of your support and, you know, I’m so grateful for how amazing you guys have been so far,” Cleo said in a July 2023 Instagram video. “But I also wanted to talk about something and I feel that regardless of the outcomes and how things went for each and every couple, every single person, I can guarantee you went into this because of falling in love with somebody and really just following their gut feeling and deciding to go ahead and meet a person in person which they’ve never met in real life. And we’re all just a bunch of people going through a crazy, very similar experience kind of at the same time and having our private lives on display and that isn’t easy for anybody and everyone deals with their anxiety in a different way. Not everybody deals with things the same way.”

She continued, “Specifically regarding our segments and my storyline, I feel that some of the things being sad, although I totally understand that they come from a place of like genuine support are pretty strong and at the end of the day, there’s people behind the screen and those things have an impact and it doesn’t, you know, make me feel any better to see like, you know, things being said about other people. I just want you all to be able to watch the rest of the story with a nonjudgmental mind. At the end of the day, there’s no need to press judgment this early on. We’ve only really been a few episodes and, and there’s so much more to come.  So I want you to be able to get into it with an open mind and yeah, just be able to enjoy it and try and be positive and that would make me feel really happy.”

“So I would really appreciate that and I really don’t want to come across as unappreciative because I know 100 percent that you’re coming from a place of love and appreciation and I’m so grateful for that,” Cleo concluded. “We could all try and just be kinder to everybody and yeah, to each and everyone, all my fellow cast members.”

The couple confirmed they were still together during the season 6 tell-all, which aired on September 24. One day later, Christian took to Instagram to share an update about their relationship.

“Cat’s out of the bag! I can finally post about Cleo and I without spoiling it for y’all fans of the show!” he wrote alongside a photo of the pair enjoying drinks. “Here’s just a photo of us together in Minnesota enjoying some cocktails and dinner with good friends.”

During the October 1 tell-all, Cleo explained she visited Christian and met “all of the women” in his family. While she hit it off with him female family members, he explained she didn’t meet the men because they’re “masculine and conservative.”

Cleo later explained the couple faced conflict when Christain started talking to another woman on a Discord server who admitted she found him attractive. Christian argued that he didn’t do anything wrong, though said he felt bad he upset Cleo.

Despite their problems, Christian said that he wants to move in with Cleo and hopes that they eventually get married. He then said he wants to ask her to marry him in person.

Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Christian and Cleo Split?

Unfortunately, their romance didn’t last after the tell-all. Cleo confirmed on October 25 that she and Christian had split because they “could not deal with the complexities of a long-distance relationship while on such a public scale.”

“Please respect our privacy,” Cleo wrote in an Instagram post. “Please understand I love him and will always love him, I don’t regret the fact he came into my life, I was hoping we could be a happily ever after, but we have very different personalities and emotional needs, and that was excruciatingly painful for both.”

The activist concluded, “This isn’t because we don’t love each other. He will forever be in my heart, we’ve supported each other a lot in this past over a year and a half, I wish him all the best, I will love him forever. Neither of us are perfect, I’m very insecure and codependent, please don’t send him any hate.”

However, the split didn’t last long and Cleo confirmed they were back together by sharing several throwback photos from their relationship via Instagram on December 15. “Throwbacks through the past 2 years,” she captioned the snapshots.

Cleo then revealed in an Instagram video on February 5, 2024, that Christian had proposed to her in December, confirming rumors that they were engaged. However, she also shared that the engagement didn’t last long, and they have since broken up.

“I was asked to marry him and spend the rest of the rest of my life with him, which was obviously something that made me really, really happy at the time,” Cleo said. “It’s something that he had mentioned several times before. … I just thought that that was the natural progression and the engagement was then called into question pretty much as soon as I landed back here into the U.K.”

Cleo claimed that Christian told her he “felt trapped” in the relationship after he proposed and was questioning his feelings for her.

“He felt that the love wasn’t the same anymore, that the magic was gone and the spark was gone and that he didn’t really feel the same way about me that I felt before,” Cleo said. “Which to me was really shocking because throughout the entire stay, I was there for over a month, it felt just like any other time we spent a month together, if not better. I felt that we were the healthiest and the most mundane normal couple that we’d ever been.”

Despite feeling like the “rug was being pulled from beneath my feet,” Cleo said she didn’t regret how much she loved Christian. She wished him “healing” after their split.

“I just wish him the best and I still wanna cherish the happiest memory,” she concluded.

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