It’s over … again! 90 Day Fiancé star Cleo Corraine has confirmed that she and Christian Allgood have split for the second time since the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 6 tell-all in October 2023.

The England native, 32, took to Instagram to share an update on her life over the past two months on Monday, February 5. Cleo revealed that she had an “intense couple of months” where she “experienced some transphobia in real life, which I thought at the time was OK, but it definitely sort of brought some old ones to the surface and … reopened some old ones that I guess weren’t healed and it was certainly hard to deal with.”

Cleo went on to reveal that Christian, 31, had proposed to her in December 2023, confirming rumors that the two were engaged. However, she also noted that he was her “ex-fiancé” and detailed what happened between them after Christian asked her to marry him.

“I was asked to marry him and spend the rest of the rest of my life with him, which was obviously something that made me really, really happy at the time,” Cleo said. “It’s something that he had mentioned several times before. … I just thought that that was the natural progression and the engagement was then called into question pretty much as soon as I landed back here into the U.K.”

She continued to claim that Christian told her he “felt trapped” after proposing to her during her visit to the U.S., which was “shocking” to her because she thought getting engaged meant he had no doubts about his feelings for her.

“He felt that the love wasn’t the same anymore, that the magic was gone and the spark was gone and that he didn’t really feel the same way about me that I felt before,” Cleo said. “Which to me was really shocking because throughout the entire stay, I was there for over a month, it felt just like any other time we spent a month together, if not better. I felt that we were the healthiest and the most mundane normal couple that we’d ever been.”

Christian and Cleo

Cleo admitted that she thought it would have been “easier” to break up as soon as he made his feelings of uncertainty clear. However, she claimed that Christian gave her “mixed signals” and told her he wanted to stay engaged. She also claimed that he said the relationship could work if they were in an open relationship.

“It felt like the rug was being pulled from beneath my feet,” Cleo said, adding that she had already told her friends and family about their engagement.

The trans rights activist, who met Christian online more than a year prior to their debut on Before the 90 Days season 6, first revealed on October 25, 2023, that she and Christian had split. At the time, she explained in an Instagram post that they struggled to deal with being in the public eye and also had trouble with being a long-distance couple. However, the split didn’t last long, as Cleo began sharing photos of Christian again in December 2023.

Cleo claimed in her video that Christian told her she “was giving up some great, amazing future with him” when they broke up the first time, so she “begged” for him back because she loved him. Still, she felt that Christian pushed her away. Cleo concluded that she didn’t “regret putting all [her] eggs in one basket” with her ex, but their relationship is “out of [her] control” at this point.

“But I just wish him the best and I still wanna cherish the happiest memory,” she said.

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