Total opposites. 90 Day Fiancé star Meisha was formerly a party girl before experiencing a “spiritual awakening” in her living room. After converting to Catholicism, she seemingly found sparks with Nicola, and made plans to meet him for the first time in his native of Israel — but is she still together with the 46-year-old virgin? 

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Nicola and Meisha Meet?

Meisha is a 43-year-old from Minnesota and considered herself the “fun, party girl” until she experienced a “spiritual awakening” in her home. Now a Catholic convert, she met Nicola online over seven years ago while exploring her newfound faith. 

Nicola is from Israel and currently lives with his mom. While the 46-year-old has been in a serious relationship before, he is a proud virgin. 

“The last time I kissed a woman was 16 years ago, I haven’t touched a woman for 16 years,” Nicole told cameras during his debut on the June 18 episode. In another clip, the TLC newbie told producers that he was adamant about staying celibate until he was married.

“So it don’t matter if I am 18 or 46 or 65, I have to be virgin and celibate until I get married to the right woman [sic],” he affirmed. 

Meisha admitted that Nicola’s celibacy worried her as he has virtually no relationship experience. 

“While I so admire his convictions, at the same time, it makes me worried knowing that I need certain things like affection. A lot of affection,” she told cameras in another scene. “Obviously, there’s no sex before marriage. So when I get there, I have to just see how he is with just even just basic affection.”

‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Meisha and Nicola Faced Several Issues In Their Relationship

While Nicola and Meisha have yet to publicly comment on their relationship, Nicola’s friend, Wasim, believed that Meisha was out of the Israel native’s “league.” 

“Meisha is a beautiful and attractive woman,” Wasim told producers in the teaser clip. “It will be hard for people to believe that this person right here, who has no job, no money, who is totally broke, who does nothing but sit in his room praying to Mary is actually loved by a woman like Meisha.”

After Nicola admitted that he wasn’t expecting to fall in love with a divorced woman and his first choice would’ve been a virgin, he said her past didn’t matter because she became “anew” when God came into her life. Not only are outside influences set to cause tension in the relationship, but Nicola is “sure” his mom “won’t like Meisha.” 

“Even though my mom is not devout Catholic, people in the Middle East want you to marry a virgin,” he continued. “That’s how the tradition is here. And my mom will say, ‘Why you want to marry divorced woman? [sic]’”

Not only will Meisha have to win the affection of Nicola’s mom, but she’s also currently in the process of annulling her first marriage as they cannot get married “under the eyes of God” without it.

“I’m trying to stay positive that everything is going to work out the way that I believe it should,” Meisha told producers during the June 18 episode. “But if I don’t get this annulment, then I’m not sure what’s gonna happen.” 

Noting that their end goal is to apply for the K-1 visa, without marriage, she admitted, “I don’t think realistically, we have a future.”

The pair seemed to work through their issues during the June 25 episode when Meisha traveled to Israel to spend two weeks with Nicola.

They kissed when they reunited at the airport, though faced a roadblock when they argued over how many clothes she packed.

Nicola later told Meisha that he would marry her immediately if she got her last marriage annulled, though she admitted she wasn’t sure if they knew each other well enough to take that step.

During the July 2 episode, the couple faced another obstacle when Meisha learned that Nicola was keeping their relationship a secret from his family.

“It makes me think, like, maybe the reason he’s been hiding me is maybe because he’s ashamed of my past,” she admitted in a confessional.

However, Nicola defended his decision to not bring his family into their relationship. “Show me in the Bible where it says ‘go tell your brother’ that you need to tell him, ‘I am getting married,’” he said.

He went on to argue that meeting his family was “not so important for [their] relationship.”

Later in the episode, Meisha asked Nicola if he was “embarrassed” of her.

“Oh my god, Meisha, why do you say this word?” he responded. “Get out from your lexicon. Embarrassed? Embarrassed for what? All this love between us, I would be embarrassed from you, Meisha?”

He then slammed her concerns as “drama” and told her that she was speaking “nonsense.”

“The problem with you, Meisha, is that you never want to be done with any conversation,” Nicola continued. “When you start to talk, you never stop. You are the most cute when you are mute, I’ll be honest with you.”

Meisha pressed Nicola further about his family during the July 16 episode, which led to another argument. While Nicola insisted that they had all the time in the world to introduce Meisha to his family, Meisha argued that their future wasn’t set in stone.

“We don’t know if we have our entire lives together,” Meisha said. “We need to figure that out over the next two weeks.” 

Meisha then gave Nicola an ultimatum: either they get engaged by the end of her trip or the relationship is over. Nicola was shocked.

“Meisha never talks like that on the phone,” he said. “She says that we are meant to be together, we will get married and nothing will separate us. We will go through all the obstacles. And it’s [the] first time that she’s treating the relationship [this way]. I’m trying to listen to her, but I’m not going to change. I’m going to be the same person. So that makes me worry about our future because my goal is to [get] engaged to her, because I love her so much.”

Their problems continued during the August 6 episode when the pair had the “biggest fight” they’ve ever had.

“We’re not communicating the same way that we have been on the phone for many, many years and it seems like Nicola doesn’t really care about my feelings,” Meisha said about the argument. “I have no idea what to do and not only is that scary, but it’s really sad. I just had to get out of that room right away. There are so many bad emotions in that room.”

She added, “I’m like trying to remain hopeful. I’m looking for any little crack in the door that maybe this could be salvageable, but right now as it stands right now I’m feeling very depleted of hope.”

Nicola later admitted their tension might be linked to their differing cultures. “[In] the Middle East … the relationships between men and women are more intimate,” he explained. “It’s not in the public, and I think that’s what maybe Meisha wants — the affection. So I think I need to start changing for Meisha.”

While Nicola seemed willing to make changes, Meisha admitted she still had reservations about their relationship.

“My fear is that you don’t care about how I feel,” she said. “I don’t even know if you’re ever, like, listening, and the only reason I’m tolerating this is because I do know that Nicola that I’ve been talking to for almost seven years.”

How Does ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Nicola’s Mother Feel About Meisha?

Nicola admitted during the August 20 episode that he was “a little nervous” for Meisha to meet his mother, Nadia.

While Meisha said she was “excited” to meet Nicola’s family, she also worried that they would disapprove of her because of her “past.”

In a confessional, Nicola explained that his mother “can be a very difficult woman” and is “set in her way.” He continued, “She will never expect that Meisha will be like the type of woman for me because she’s diverse. American. Not a virgin. I basically hide Meisha [for] seven years … so that’s going to be a heart attack for my mom — like an atomic bomb that I’m dropping on my mom.”

Nicola told Meisha that he would like to avoid discussing her past divorce during their meeting with Nadia. “I’m not gonna hide who I am. That’d be weird,” she responded. “I’m not gonna lie, period. So, tomorrow my hope is that you can be just as proud of who I am as I am.”

The couple eventually met up with his family, though Meisha and Nadia struggled to communicate due to their differing languages. Additionally, Nadia admitted she didn’t understand why Nicola brought her to meet the family.

“Once I explain to them who Meisha is, what she is to me, her status, things will start to fall down,” he said in a confessional. “I’ll be honest, I am a little bit hesitant. Like awkward, like maybe it’s bad idea to introduce me to my family.”

Despite Meisha initially feeling like Nicola was going to “chicken out” from telling his family the depth of their relationship, Nicola eventually admitted that they were engaged. 

“Tell her that mom is happy,” Nadia responded, adding that she supported the couple’s future move to America. Nadia still happily accepted her as her future daughter-in-law after finding out about the Minnesota native’s previous marriage and two daughters.

“He chose his life now and I am happy that he will marry before I die,” Nadia told producers during the August 27 episode. “He’s old, not young. You can’t judge if she’s been married or has kids. But he should take his decision by himself.”

With Nadia’s quick acceptance of her past, Meisha questioned why Nicola waited so long to tell his family of their relationship. 

“They were more than accepting. So there, just seems to be, like we’re on two different planets,” she explained in a confessional. “And it’s making me really wonder why I had to fight so hard to make this moment happen in the first place. It kind of begs the question, ‘Nicola, is it you that has the problem with me?’”

Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Meisha and Nicola Get Engaged?

The couple got engaged during the September 17 episode. In a teaser clip shared by Entertainment Tonight, Nicola got down on one knee while in public with Meisha and told her he’s been waiting for a woman like her. Meisha hesitated before she eventually said yes.

“I am in shock because you did it in public,” she told him before he replied, “And you say I’m not romantic?”

Meisha admitted she had concerns about their relationship when she first met Nicola in person, though insisted that she’s now confident in their relationship.

“My heart is beating outside of my chest right now,” she said in a confessional. “I have been praying to God about this, and I realized that as quirky and odd as he is, ‘yes’ was the right thing to say. Because Nicola’s strength and his courage and how he has enlightened my life is something that I am sure I will never find again. I don’t have all the answers and I never will, but I’m going for it and I’m so excited to do so.”

What Happened Between Meisha and Nicola During the Tell-All?

Meisha and Nicola reunited with the cast of season 6 for part one of the Tell-All on September 24. The couple addressed the annulment, with Meisha revealing that it had not been done yet, but Nicola still planned to visit in a week. Meisha later added that she had beein waiting a year and a half for the annulment, but it was finally granted. 

Meisha’s daughters were also brought out during the Tell-All. They said that Nicola was “different from someone [their] mom would usually go for,” and that they didn’t want to “feel judged” or trapped in their home with Nicola. However, Nicola assured that he would never try to tell Meisha’s daughters what to do. He also told Meisha that he would treat her daughters well, and Meisha hoped they would warm up to him eventually. 

Elsewhere in the Tell-All, Nicola declared that Viagra was a sin and that sex is “not rocket science.” He also made comments about women being made for men and to listen to men. When a clip of Nicola’s sexist remarks was shown, he apologized to Meisha and “all the women in the world.”

Are 90 Day Fiance’s Meisha and Nicola Still Together?

While Meisha and Nicola are still working out their problems on screen, the pair seem to be going strong since Nicola reportedly was spotted in the United States on July 28.

According to fan page 90 Day Fiancé The Melanated Way, Meisha and Nicola were spotted at the Mall of America in Meisha’s home state of Minnesota. 

“I had my husband snap a covert pic as I was wrangling the littles,” the fan wrote. “I was shocked to see him in Minnesota and even more shocked they were together.”

The couple continued to spark speculation after an eyewitness told In Touch that they spotted Nicola and Meisha in Blaine, Minnesota. 

“Nicola was a gentleman and carried all their bags as they walked the short few blocks back to her townhome,” Kim Rek, who spotted the couple at a Target store on August 9, exclusively told In Touch

The witness added that the 90 Day Fiancé couple were “talking, smiling and laughing” during the outing. “They walked back to her townhome, which is very close,” Kim continued. “I called out their names as I drove by and they smiled and waved at me.”

Fans will have to tune in to season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days on TLC and Discovery+ on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET to find out how Nicola and Meisha’s love story plays out.

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