After a series of heartbreak, 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Riley met Violet while browsing an international dating app, but did their love stand the test of time? Riley traveled to Vietnam during season 6 of the spinoff to meet Violet for the first time and fans are curious if they’re still together.

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Riley and Violet Meet?

Riley is a 48-year-old military veteran from Queens, New York, and met Violet online while scrolling through a Vietnamese dating app. 

After finding a virtual connection with the mom of two, the pair quickly began calling each other daily for more than two years. 

“Violet is … the sweetest jerk I’ve ever met in my life. She is hilarious. She’s very clever with her jokes,” Riley gushed about his partner to producers during his June 2023 debut. “She’ll say something real slick. It’s like a joke grenade, it’ll take me, like, three seconds for it to explode.” 

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Riley Considered Hiring a Private Investigator to Look Into Violet’s Background

While Riley is clearly smitten with the Vietnamese native on screen, he doesn’t believe his online girlfriend has been completely truthful with him.

“Violet was lying about her being divorced at the time we started talking. I asked very direct questions and she took it upon herself to hide the truth from me,” he told producers during the June 4 episode. In another scene, he told his friends that she was still on the dating app they met on, despite her being “adamant” that he delete his profile. 

“I went to check and see if she was still on it, and she was,” he continued. 

During the June 11 episode, Riley revealed he planned on hiring a private investigator to look into Violet’s background.

“I always felt that Violet hasn’t been giving me the full story about the divorce,” the TLC personality confessed to cameras. “And not deleting the dating app.”

‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Riley and Violet Had Several Fights During Their Trip

Their relationship continued to hit roadblocks during the June 18 episode when Violet told her friends that she’s “always right” and Riley is “extremely crazy” about his trust issues.

Another problem included that Riley wouldn’t tell Violet “I love you” due to previous trauma and rejection he experienced with other women.

In light of the situation, the pair began calling each other “jerks” and gave the finger as a sign of affection.

During the July 2 episode, Riley admitted he was upset that Violet had made other plans during his visit to Vietnam.

“I still have some questions and I think I feel that I might be a little more committed to this than her but I’m hoping for the best,” he said.

While speaking to his friend Tiffanie over FaceTime, Riley said he was “a little disappointed and a little upset” about Violet’s decision to leave him on his own for the day.

“I want to believe that I’m the only man that’s in Violet’s life, but her behavior is making me really question it especially when she didn’t delete the dating app that we met on after she was so adamant that I delete,” Riley said in a confessional. “Now that I’m here and she’s not with me, it makes me question her truth a little bit more.”

Despite having concerns, Riley revealed he bought a “commitment ring” and planned to give it to Violet if she’s as “serious and committed” as he was.

“I could definitely see Tiffanie’s point of view and I’m really disappointed that Violet and I are getting off on the wrong foot but I came too far to give up on us that easily and I want to see if we can make a way to be together,” he noted in a confessional.

Later in the episode, the pair seemed to work through their issues when Violet made time in her schedule to see Riley.

“I decided to meet Riley early because I think he go to here for long ways,” she explained. “And I think, maybe he upset. Of course, I want a relationship. And I see he care about me, and he can forgot everything about the past, we can develop a relationship.”

Once they were together, Riley focused on fixing their issues.

“I have two weeks here, which is not a lot of time to find out if this is the woman I’m gonna spend the rest of my life but I really believe that we’re on the right track,” he said. “I just hope Violet doesn’t throw some kind of curveball at me like she has done before and derail this whole process.”

Riley and Violet made strides in their relationship when she introduced the U.S. native to her family during the July 9 episode; however, they hit a roadblock the next day when Violet felt that Riley was “rude” to her mom. 

“You are not thoughtful. When you come visit my home, you don’t buy a flower of some chocolate for her [sic],” Violet told him as they recalled the event during the July 16 episode. “In Vietnam, very bad.” 

While Riley was apologetic for unknowingly disrespecting her mom, their conversation only escalated at dinner later that evening after Riley called his friend Tiffany via video call. During the conversation, Tiffany asked Violet why she was still on the dating app, despite telling Riley to delete his account, leading to another major blowup.  

Following the airing of the episode, Violet took to Instagram to issue Riley a public apology for the incident regarding the gift and her mom.

“@just_riley I see people make attacks you and I am sorry. I should have admitted that you ask what for my mother to buy and I tell you you don’t need [sic],” she shared on July 17, 2023. “I was embarrassed in camera to say my fault so I blame you. I am sorry I create pain for you on social media.“

In the comment section, the military veteran replied, “You literally didn’t need to post this. It doesn’t matter. People only know what they see. I appreciate the post but don’t try to explain anything nobody truly cares.” 

Was 90 Day Fiance’s Violet Still on a Dating App During Her Relationship With Riley?

During the July 23 episode, Tiffanie confronted Violet about why she never deleted a dating app after she started seeing Riley. Violet explained that she forgot the app’s password, though Riley wasn’t convinced she was telling the truth.

“This is another instance where I don’t believe anything she’s saying, and she’s just squirming around looking nervous,” Riley said during a confessional. “I don’t understand this. I really want to trust her but this is a major red flag for me.”

The pair got into an argument and Violet insisted she “did nothing wrong.” She continued, “Why am I forced to answer that question? Even if he asked me, I don’t like it. Then I have the right not to answer, let alone have someone who is not his family or father, mother, brother or sister to ask. He doesn’t have the right and was very impolite.”

Riley said the argument was his “last straw” and said he “came here with the best intentions in my heart and in my mind, and I got my ass handed to me.” He continued, “It’s her way or the highway. And you know what? I’m not putting up with them. I don’t have to.”

Meanwhile, Violet said that Riley was acting like a “child” and a “psycho.”

“He should have spoken well of me instead of interrogating me like a cop and let others insult, humiliate and trample me like that,” she told cameras. “Is he worthy to be the man I entrust my life to? No.”

Violet stormed out of their dinner and it seemed like her relationship with Riley was over for good at that point.

Following the argument, Riley revealed he was considering traveling back home but instead decided to stay after realizing he may have been too sensitive in his situation with Violet. 

After spending the day with a tour guide, the pair went out together later that evening and Riley recounted to him what happened between Violet and his friend Tiffany. 

“So the thing is, you treated your friend as family. But here, family means real family,” the tour guide explained to Riley during the July 30 episode, adding that he should apologize to Violet. 

“So from what I’m understanding, she would have been more accepting of that question if that came from my father than a friend,” Riley replied. “I regret it. I regret my action.” Riley left the conversation hoping that Violet would be open to meeting with him.

As their trip began to wrap up, Riley admitted during the September 3 episode that he was frustrated that Violet was not taking accountability in their relationship. However, he explained that he would give things another chance since he had already invested two years.

Violet later confronted Riley about his lack of trust and asked him what happened with his exes that made him so guarded. He revealed that he had an ex that “made him think [he] was going crazy” and said he found a man he knew in her closet when he visited.

While they seemingly worked through the issue, their drama continued when Riley revealed that he called a PI to look into Violet, though never went through with the plan. She was shocked by the news and told him he had no right to do so.

The episode concluded with Violet admitting she wasn’t sure if her and Riley are a good fit.

Is 90 Day Fiance’s Violet Pregnant With Riley’s Baby?

As the end of Riley’s trip approached, he decided to let Violet know that he was in love with her. Violet, still uncomfortable with the fact Riley thought about hiring a private investigator to look into her background, said she needed time before she could say she loved him. 

“It is just words,” she privately told producers during the September 10 episode. “There are things that I need him to change, such as he needs to know how to respect a woman that is by his side.”

While Riley left Vietnam without the answers he needed, fans believe Violet could be pregnant due to a teaser for the September 17 episode.

“Are congratulations in order? Am I gonna be an aunty?” Riley’s friend Tiffany asked him upon his arrival back in the United States. In a separate confessional, Riley revealed that Violet told him she was pregnant with his baby.

Violet revealed during the October 1 tell-all that she “could not keep the pregnancy” because her “health is not good.” After host Shaun Robinson asked Violet to clarify if the baby was Riley’s, he told the host that she wasn’t aware she suffered a miscarriage.

When asked about their plans for the future, Riley explained that he and Violet are just friends. However, he added that she was coming to the U.S. on a tourist visa and said he was open to trying to make their relationship work.

Are 90 Day Fiance’s Riley and Violet Still Together?

Riley nor Violet confirmed their current relationship status for quite some time, though Riley did acknowledge the Philippines native’s birthday in June 2023.

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Courtesy of Riley/Instagram

“Happy Birthday VV,” he affectionately shared alongside a photo of the mom of two. However, his days of sharing sweet posts about Violet were outnumbered, as the New York native seemingly confirmed their split in August 2023 after taking to Instagram with alleged text messages between them. Accusing Violet of increasing his father’s stress levels and manipulating people into thinking that he is “some type of controlling, insecure person,” Riley texted the Vietnam native, “You want everyone to think you’re sweet and innocent. As long as I’m the one looking like a psychopath it’s OK but the moment I give context and prove to you how disrespectful, hurtful, dishonest you were to me you run and hide.”

“So Violet, I say this with every fiber of my being, I don’t want you, I don’t care if you don’t like how you’re being portrayed on one episode after I’ve been portrayed as a psychopath for 11 of them, and I truly hope you know that once I am able I will expose every single lie, every single begging for me back text you sent my family, and every single fact that will prove you’re the real narcissist, selfish, rude and untrustworthy person that this show has ever seen,” he carried on.

“Everything you say is a lie. You always open my mouth i care about you, I like you, I care and want to help you,” Violet appeared to respond before threatening to delete her Instagram account. Her account has been deactivated as of publication.

Fans will have to tune in to season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days on TLC and Discovery+ on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET to find out how Riley and Violet’s love story plays out.

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