90 Day Fiancé star Cleo has confirmed her split from Christian due to the “complexities of a long-distance relationship while on such a public scale.”

Taking to her Instagram feed on Wednesday, October 25, the England native, 32, revealed that she and Christian, 31, are “no longer together” because they “could not deal” with the pressure of the public eye while living apart from each other, as Christian has remained in the U.S.

“Please respect our privacy,” Cleo continued in her post. “Please understand I love him and will always love him, I don’t regret the fact he came into my life, I was hoping we could be a happily ever after, but we have very different personalities and emotional needs, and that was excruciatingly painful for both.”

The trans rights activist added that her and Christian’s split was “not because we don’t love each other.”

“He will forever be in my heart, we’ve supported each other a lot in this past over a year and a half, I wish him all the best, I will love him forever,” Cleo concluded. “Neither of us are perfect, I’m very insecure, please don’t send him any hate.”

Christian and Cleo made their debut on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 6, which premiered on June 4. They met online over a year prior to the show, and Cleo quickly fell for Christian’s “life of the party” personality. Their friendship turned into a romance. However, Cleo, a transgender woman, has dealt with some negativity from Christian’s family and friends, as they’ve questioned her identity. They also found the relationship surprising, as Christian had only dated cis women in the past.

90 Day Fiance Cleo

“There’s something about Cleo. I mean there’s definitely some differences,” Christian told his friends. “But as far as my feelings toward Cleo, it’s strong enough to overcome any type of situation like that.”

Despite Christian initially ignoring the comments from his inner circle, they eventually started to get to him and affected the way he acted around Cleo. She revealed that he suddenly didn’t want to kiss her or hold hands in public. When they finally met in person during the July 9 episode, Christian admitted to feeling “awkward” when they kissed.

The couple then ran into another issue during the July 30 episode when Cleo caught Christian flirting with other women while they were on a date. Later, after Christian and Cleo had sex for the first time, Christian told producers that they only hit “second base,” which hurt Cleo. He told her that he lied to producers because he wanted to protect her privacy, but Cleo felt she was gaslit.

“There definitely has been some gaslighting,” she said in a confessional during an August episode. “Maybe he doesn’t want people or his family to be able to know that he has been intimate with a trans woman because he doesn’t want to hear their opinions.”

During the season 6 Tell-All, which aired on September 24 and October 1, Cleo revealed that she and Christian were still together. In fact, she had just met his family in the U.S. a few days prior to filming, but only the women. Christian said the men in his family were conservative, and he wanted to protect her from them. Christian also somewhat proposed to Cleo during the Tell-All, but he said it “wasn’t official” because she was on a video call and not there in person.

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