90 Day Fiancé stars Christian and Cleo finally had sex, though ran into issues when he lied to producers about them being intimate.

After Christian, 31, traveled to London to meet Cleo, 32, in person, the pair slept together for the first time during the Sunday, August 6, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. While they expected the moment to make them closer, Cleo got upset when she learned Christian wasn’t truthful about what happened.

Cleo told her friend Jane that things were “rough” with Christian, though she hoped their relationship would improve after they had sex. “He basically started to kiss my cheek and we ended up taking our relationship to like, you know, the next level,” she revealed.

“Christian and I had sex last night,” the TLC personality said in a confessional. “One thing led to another and it was really nice. I would say that our sex was romantic for sure and passionate. It felt like we were making love rather than just having sex.”

Cleo revealed that their time in bed was comfortable, which was previously a concern of hers since she was the first transgender person Christian has had sex with. While Cleo seemed optimistic about the experience, Christian shared a different story with producers.

“It was a good night,” he said. “I didn’t really say anything. I just started giving her a kiss and then yeah, we hooked up.”

After a producer asked if they had sex, Christian insisted they didn’t. “But let’s just say we hit a couple bases,” he said. “You can say we got a double, yeah, no home run. We’re kind of working our way up to that.”

Later on in the episode, Cleo burst into tears and explained she and Christian got into a fight after he broke her trust by lying. She explained that they agreed to be open and transparent about being intimate, though he later messaged her to ask if she revealed they had sex. When she replied that she did, he shared that he wasn’t completely honest with the producers.

She admitted she was “agitated and confused” over him not telling the truth. “I let myself be vulnerable with Christian last night, so for him to go on and lie about our intimacy today feels extremely confusing and upsetting and I feel like I’m being manipulated,” Cleo said.

According to Cleo, Christian said he didn’t want to discuss them having sex because he wanted to protect her. However, she said it seemed like he was only considering himself.

“There definitely has been some gaslighting,” she said. “Maybe he doesn’t want people or his family to be able to know that he has been intimate with a trans woman because he doesn’t want to hear their opinions.”

Cleo added that she didn’t “want to be anyone’s secret lover” and she would “rather just be alone.”

“There’s been a few instances when Christian’s insecurities about what other people think about him being with a trans woman have gotten in the way of our relationship,” she said. “It really hurts because I thought we were past that. Now I’m wondering is he starting to crack under this pressure? I’m feeling disappointed and sad and also frustrated that things have taken this turn.”

'90 Day Fiance' Star Cleo Cries After Christian 'Lied' About Having Sex With Her: 'Gaslighting'

While the London native said her “trust in him is nearly zero percent,” there’s “one part of me that still wants to give him a chance.”

“He needs to be able to separate what people think about us from his own feelings about our relationship,” Cleo continued. “If he can’t do that, there’s a slim chance of this relationship working out.”

Fans will get to see if Cleo and Christian were able to work through the issue as season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days continues on TLC and Discovery+ on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

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