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The Honeymoon Is Over:
Kim Kardashian Lashes
Out at Kanye for
Neglecting His Family
to Record New Album

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It has only been a few months since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tied the knot in a lavish Italian wedding ceremony, but already there seem to be some major issues brewing in their marriage.

Hey, the honeymoon has to end at some point, even for rich and famous people.

The root of the couple's first big bit of marital woe seems to be their very different priorities, with Kanye wanting to focus on his new album and going on tour, and Kim wanting to concentrate her energy on their family, especially daughter North.

Making matters worse, Kanye has decided he wants to pull a Beyonce and drop his album much earlier than expected, requiring even more work and time away from his wife and baby.

“Kanye has been working hard on the album for a lot of this year, but he’s known for cutting deadlines so it’s better if he can just put it out at the last minute,” a source told The Sun.

Kanye may need to change his album plans for the sake of his marriage however, as Kim seems to have reached her boiling point.

As In Touch reported last week, the reality star really let Kanye have it during a recent argument, showing that she is not afraid to stand up to the rapper, who seems to always get his way.

“Kim railed on Kanye, saying that since they’ve been married, he’s been away from her more than when he was single,” an insider told In Touch.

On what date will they have made it to 72 days of marriage?

h/t: Radar Online