Kim kardashian vienna nightmare

‘It Was So
Disgusting’: Flight
Home After Vienna Date
from Hell Included a
Passenger ‘Screaming
Obscenities’ At Kim


As if Kim Kardashian’s date with billionaire host Richard Lugner wasn’t terrifying enough, the flight home made matters worse.

“Some woman started screaming obscenities at me for being in a mixed-race relationship…and went on for about five hours,’” Kim told Piers Morgan at the annual ‘Night Before’ Oscars gala.

“‘They called the police when we landed, and she was taken away,’” Kim added. “‘But it was so disgusting.’”

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When asked by the British talk show host how she felt about it, Kim replied, “Horrible. She just went on and on, shouting abuse at me. I phoned Kanye as soon as I got out of the airport, and he was so furious.”

The incident happened on her way back to L.A. after attending the Vienna Opera Ball as the 81-year-old host’s date. Piers revealed Kim's scary moment in his Daily Mail blog.

The night turned into a nightmare when a comedian tastelessly wore blackface to impersonate Kim’s fiancé Kanye West and when the orchestra played “N---- in Vienna,” an offensive play on Kanye’s hit “N---- in Paris.”

“The whole night was a disaster,” a source tells In Touch.