First making her debut on Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett’s early 90 Day Fiancé episodes, Nicole Jimeno’s friend, Coraima Morla, has landed herself the villain role in their reality TV romance. Keep reading to learn everything we know about Coraima. 

Who Is Coraima Morla?

Coraima is a lifelong friend of Pedro’s younger sister, Nicole, who currently lives in the Dominican Republic. The two women grew up together on the Caribbean Island and Coraima isn’t shy of the fact that she’s developed a crush on her friend’s older brother.

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What Happened Between Pedro and Coraima? 

Coraima was at the center of controversy after she was seen grinding on Pedro during a wild night in the Dominican Republic on season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?.

The TLC star returned to his native country without Chantel during a May 2019 episode and enjoyed about 10 shots of alcohol during a night on the town while reuniting with his friends. Fans were shocked when Pedro took off his wedding ring and intimately danced with Coraima. Adding fuel to the fire, Pedro gushed about how great she looked and Coraima expressed she felt there was a connection between them. 


“It’s something that he hasn’t felt in a while because of problems he’s had with his wife,” she claimed in a later scene. “I think he should find a woman like him. Dominican, that understands him and accepts him how he is.”

The incident would lead to a fierce confrontation between Coraima and Chantel on season 1 of The Family Chantel

“I didn’t put a gun to his neck or his head for him to dance with me,” Coraima fiercely defended herself during the sit-down conversation with Nicole, Pedro and Chantel. “I simply said he should be with a Dominican. Like me or whoever.” 


Coraima then went on to criticize Chantel for being high maintenance — putting her on the receiving end of a thrown drink. 

Nicole Jimeno Used Coraima To Hurt Chantel

On season 3 of the spinoff, Chantel returned to the D.R. to support Pedro as he searched for answers regarding his father and tensions between Nicole and her sister-in-law only escalated.

While at the time, Nicole was angry with her brother for fighting with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Alejandro Padron, the former pageant contestant used the opportunity to hurt Chantel and rehash the dancing incident with Coraima.

In the season finale, Pedro’s sister crashed a meeting between Pedro’s mother, Lidia Moreno, and Chantel’s family. Before throwing a glass bottle, she claimed her brother and friend slept together.

Coraima Has Her Sights Set on Pedro Following Their Marital Troubles

Following the news of Pedro and Chantel’s marital troubles in season 4, Nicole joked that this was Coraima’s chance to “comfort” her older brother. “He didn’t take me when he had the chance,” she told Nicole as the pair gossiped about the news in an August 2022 episode. “And look at everything that’s happening.” 

“I really don’t rule out the possibility that Pedro and I at some point could spend time together,” Coraima confessed to producers in a solo confessional. “I leave it for time to decide.”

Pedro filed for divorce from Chantel in May 2022, a month after separating and nearly six years following their secret engagement that played out during season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé. Fans will have to tune into The Family Chantel to see what happens next. 

In April 2023, Pedro revealed that he’s in touch with Coraima following his split from Chantel.

“So glad to reconnect with old friends!” he wrote alongside a selfie of the duo via Instagram, which included a purple heart emoji at the end of the caption.

Nicole didn’t hide her disapproval about the reunion and wrote in the comments section, “After Jesus….I had never seen a photo with Judas!”

She continued to express her feelings by leaving a vomit emoji in the comments section.

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