The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno set off on a journey in season 3 to find his father, Pedro Sr., after his disappearance from his life when he was a child. Despite questioning his mother, Lidia Jimeno, and his grandmother, the 90 Day Fiancé alum was only left with more questions and set off to meet the other side of his family. Keep scrolling to find out everything we know about Pedro’s father. 

How did Pedro Jimeno’s Father and Mother Meet?

In a heated conversation with his grandmother and mother in his native country of the Dominican Republic, his grandmother revealed that Pedro Sr. met his mother while she was walking home from school. “You have to see things the way they were,” Lidia explained to her son in Spanish during a November 2021 episode. “He used to come with a loaded car and if we needed something he would get it.” 

After his grandmother admitted that his grandfather also had children with multiple women, Lidia added, “The grandfather, the great grandfather … all of them, they were like that. It’s a cycle.” 

“I met your dad and he didn’t tell me that he had a wife and kids,” the mom of two continued. “The Dominican culture is like that.” 

Pedro Jimeno Got Answers From His Half Siblings 

Since Pedro got no answers from his family, he went to his half-siblings with his questions. Meeting with Jonathan and Pedro Jr. for the first time in Santo Domingo, he learned that his father never mentioned him or Nicole to his other family. 

His brother detailed that he only found out about Pedro Sr.’s other children by chance. “He gave me a task, ‘Oh here, organize these papers,’ and what not. There were invoices and stuff like that, from his work and I came across some torn-up pages,” he explained. “It was a letter from your mother.” He added, “I don’t remember very well what it said, but it spoke of, ‘You no longer come to visit your kids.’”

Why Did Pedro Jimeno’s Father Leave? 

While his brothers informed him that Lidia tried to reach out to Pedro Sr. by letter, the reality star’s mother claimed she never sent one. 

“I remember the last time I had contact with him was March 2010 and I remember he gave me 5,000 pesos. And since then, I’ve never had contact with him again,” she told producers in a confessional. “I let it go because when you are done with a relationship, I’m the kind of person that will not chase after you.” 

Has Pedro Jimeno Met His Father?

His half-brothers gave Pedro their father’s number to connect them, but the patriarch has yet to respond.

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