New man, who dis? The Family Chantel star Nicole Jimeno introduced her boyfriend, Alejandro Padron, during the season 2 premiere of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé spinoff.

During the Tuesday, October 12 episode, Pedro Jimeno‘s sister explained she hasn’t seen her best friend Coraima Morla in a while because she’s been busy with her university studies and finishing her degree in journalism. She also had a big development to share with her bestie during their girls’ day at the beach.

“I have a boyfriend. His name is Alejandro. We’ve been together for a few months and I nicknamed him, ‘My chichi!’” Nicole gushed in her confessional. “Alejandro is a very attentive man. Alejandro gifts me shoes, a watch, a cellphone. I love it because it’s another way that he shows me his love.”

Coraima asked Nicole to spill more details about the new man in her life. “I can start by telling you he’s the most amazing man I’ve met in my entire life. He is also Dominican and he lives in New York. So we actually met many, many years ago at a party. I always saw him on Instagram, and he sent me a message. And the first thing he asked me was, ‘When are you coming to visit?’” she told her pal as they soaked up the sun while lounging on a beach in the Dominican Republic.

“I have been to New York twice to see Alejandro. But actually, a long-distance relationship is very complicated. But, I am going to New York next month. I want to live with Alejandro in New York and I hope that it happens very soon,” Nicole, 25, said in her confessional.

Coraima asked if Alejandro has met Nicole’s mom, Lidia yet. But Nicole said she has not introduced them yet and the thought of Ale meeting her mom stressed her out.  Her friend then asked her why she was interested in Alejandro when she could find a Dominican man to date in their country, especially because long-distance relationships are difficult. She told her friend Ale is respectful of her and she hasn’t noticed any red flags about him or his life, but that wasn’t the full truth.

Inset Photo of Nicole Jimeno Over Photo of Pedro Jimeno
Courtesy Pedro Jimeno/Instagram; TLC

“Although I’ve been happy and ready to be very open with Coraima, in telling her about my boyfriend, Alejandro, there is something I didn’t want to tell Coraima. I don’t want to share this information with Coraima, my mother and anyone because I’m afraid that they won’t want to get to know Alejandro. And that scares me a lot,” Nicole revealed in her confessional.

It seems like Lidia already has a gut feeling about Ale and the secret he and Nicole are keeping from her loved ones. Later in the episode, Pedro, 29, FaceTimed with Nicole and Lidia and asked his mother what he thinks about her daughter’s new man.

“I don’t think he is the right person for her,” Lidia told her son. “I think she should find someone better.” Fans will have to keep tuning in to find out if Nicole’s family will come around to accepting Ale!

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