They’re back. The new season of Sister Wives is coming to TLC on Sunday, January 5, at 10 p.m. ET and a trailer for the next installment of the reality show dropped on the network’s Instagram on December 11. What should fans expect of the next season of Sister Wives?

The Family Still Isn’t Together

Christine Brown Shares Rare New Photo of Kody and the 'Sister Wives'
Courtesy of Christine Brown/Instagram

Kody Brown unveils an image of the house he wants the entire family to live in together. But the wives don’t seem so sure about his big plan.

“I want to explore it, all I’m asking for is for you guys to have an open mind and a prayerful disposition about it,” Kody, 50, explains in the trailer. “I’m not gonna do it. Not for a second,” his third wife, Christine Brown, says in a confessional.

“I think they’re looking at one thing and solely one thing: ‘how much do I have to see the face of that other woman?'” Kody says in his own one-on-one interview. (So much for being one big happy family?)

sister wives house

A tearful Robyn Brown is also shown saying, “You can’t tell me what we had in Vegas wasn’t awesome. And that we weren’t one family. Because we were.” She’s likely referring to the setup the Brown family had there when they lived in four separate houses on the same street.

Speaking of those houses …

They’re Still in Financial Trouble

The Browns moved to Flagstaff, Arizona without selling all of their homes back in Nevada, and the financial pressure is on.

“I’ve been coming back to Vegas every weekend to hold open houses at the homes that we have that are on the market,” Janelle Brown explains. “There’s been no interest in the homes.” Christine, 47, notes, “Financially, we’re drowning.”

kody brown

And during a family meeting, Kody reveals that they are paying five mortgages and can’t keep doing so if they want to stay afloat. When Janelle, 50, notes that it might be a while before the Vegas houses sell, he says, “That will break us.”

The Browns Didn’t Get the Warmest Welcome

In the trailer, it’s clear that not everyone in Flagstaff wants the Sister Wives family there. “There’s [sic] neighbors outside watching us,” Robyn’s son Dayton says at one point, to which Meri Brown replies, “Of course.”

Meri, 48, later explains of their neighbors to other members of her family, “They were not happy with our family being here. They said they didn’t want our family here.” Will the Browns face prejudice in their new city?

The Tension Continues

Although Kody and Meri seemed to commit to leaving the “bad energy” in their marriage behind when they moved, there’s still tension between them in the trailer — and that storyline will likely continue throughout the new season. “We’re a family, but we’re not acting married,” Kody says to their therapist in the teaser. “He doesn’t want to move forward to trying to work things out with me,” Meri reveals.

But not only is there tension between Kody and his first wife, but it expands to Robyn and Meri’s relationship and to Kody and Robyn as well. “He relayed the conversation wrong, FYI,” Meri says at one point in the trailer to Robyn, 41, who testily responds, “Can I talk for a second?”

Sister Wives Robyn Kody Brown
Courtesy of Janelle Brown/Instagram

Then, when Kody is venting his frustrations about Meri to his other wives, Robyn says, “That’s your relationship with her. Not mine.” Later, he says to Robyn, “I was already giving you everybody else’s table scraps, Robyn, do you think that’s fair?” He also tells her to stop defending Meri.

“Plural marriage makes you feel disenfranchised sometimes,” Robyn admits as the trailer ends. It definitely seems like there’s a lot going on in the Brown’s lives in the next season of their show. Will you be watching?

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