Are they on the mend? During the Sister Wives tell-all episode on Sunday, April 14, Meri and Kody Brown were asked about their relationship following Meri’s catfishing scandal. Meri admitted that after that whole debacle, she had to force herself to leave her house because she didn’t want to be around people — her mistrust for strangers was that bad. As for her relationship with her husband and the trust there, both Meri, 48, and Kody, 50, told the tell-all host that they feel a lot of bad vibes from that period and from how strained their relationship got were left behind when they moved.

“It’s a matter of trust,” Kody explained. “And it’s a matter of spending five years in Las Vegas without trust. There was an energy at our house, and the cul-de-sac, but even to have it brought up again is nothing, because we’ve moved to Flagstaff, and we’ve left that behind us.”

Meri added, “I totally agree. You know, it’s like we left that bad, funky energy in Las Vegas, we’re moving on, you know. We’re moving forward, and it’s done.”

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In 2018, the Brown family moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona. That move was the main focus of the 13th season of Sister Wives, but, as always, the show also focused on the different relationships within the family. And the relationship — or lack thereof — has been a storyline on the show for several seasons since Meri and Kody have been struggling in their marriage for a while now.

But is a new start in a new state exactly what they needed? When host SuChin Pak noted that Meri and Kody now seem to be spending more time together and it’s like they’re dating again, Kody wholeheartedly agreed. “It’s a new date, it’s a new girlfriend, it’s a new person and we have a history,” he said. Will we see all that play out on a future season of Sister Wives? Stay tuned.

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