She can handle herself, thanks very much. Meri Brown posted a photo featuring both her and Robyn Brown, one of her sister wives, and captioned the Instagram shot, “Everyone needs someone who has her back, who she can call friend, who she can trust, yes, even when she creeps up on you in a dark alley in Chicago. 😊 I’ll keep her … 💖💖💖.” And because Internet trolls never quit, the critical comments flowed in fast.

“I am glad you feel that,” one follower replied. “After all that I have seen, I am surprised you feel that. I hope you are not looking through rose-colored glasses as the saying goes.” Meri, 48, responded, “Nah, I’m a pretty wise woman. Thanks though!” Passive aggressive much?

Sister Wives Meri Brown Claps Back Fan Surprised Trusts Robyn

To be fair, it’s not a completely unfair comment for a Sister Wives fan to make. Ever since Kody Brown divorced Meri in 2014 to legally marry his fourth wife, Robyn, 40, some fans have been wary of his new legal wife. The Brown family claims it’s the spiritual unions they share that matter, but not everyone who watches their show is convinced.

“I don’t like this at all,” a different fan wrote on Meri’s picture. “Her and [Kody] disrespected you by the legal marriage. She should be ashamed of herself. Sorry, not sorry 💜.” Another commented, “[Like] the show but not happy Robyn took over Meri’s life. That really hurt seeing all that go down.” One even suggested in Meri’s replies, “The smartest thing Meri ever did was letting hubby divorce her to marry Robyn. Now she can walk away anytime she wants.”

Sister Wives Meri Brown Claps Back Fan Surprised Trusts Robyn
Courtesy of Meri Brown/Instagram

In fact, a former close friend of Robyn’s told In Touch exclusively in March that the first wife in the fam is already on her way out. “Meri does live separately from everyone. She’s never with them,” Kendra Pollard-Parra, Robyn’s former pal, said. “She’s only with them to film. Her whole focus is on her career with LuLa Roe which she’s very successful at and her daughter.”

Meri and Robyn were recently in Chicago to film, so is the pic just a photo opp? When it comes to the Browns, who knows what’s really going down behind the scenes.

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