Dunzo! 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way stars Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta’s confirmed they split following their stint on season 2 of the TLC series. The former couple documented a major rough patch in their relationship during the show, and it seems they were never able to overcome their obstacles because Tim revealed he and Melyza are not together on an episode of discovery+’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Strikes Back. Keep scrolling below to find out what went led to their breakup.

Tim cheated on Melyza while they were dating long-distance.

The 90 Day Fiancé stars’ romance was already in shaky territory when fans were introduced to them during the season 2 premiere of The Other Way. In fact, Tim, 34, said the only reason he was moving to Colombia instead of having his girlfriend come live with him was because he needed to regain her trust after cheating on her. After meeting at a bar, the couple initially tried dating long-distance before realizing things just wouldn’t work if they weren’t living in the same area.

“Last year, the distance between me and Melyza at that time was very difficult. I felt lonely and the girl that I ultimately cheated with was a coworker,” Tim admitted on the show. “It just started off as casual conversation and it got to the point where we did have a [full-on] intimate sexual encounter.”

Melyza said cheating “contaminated” their relationship.

After she found out about the affair, Melyza, 29, decided she wasn’t comfortable leaving her life in Colombia behind to see if she and Tim could make things work in the states. “[It] made her say, ‘I’m not moving there anymore. I do not feel comfortable leaving my family,’” her boyfriend explained. “If I’m ever going to gain her trust back, this is something I’ve got to do to prove my commitment to her, and it’s going to be a long road.”

Though she’s willing to give him “a second chance,” she also acknowledged he’s got a lot of work to do to make things right. “I never in a million years thought that he was the kind of person who cheats ever, ever. The pain that I was going through like, completely consumed me,” she said. “Our relationship now is contaminated by everything that’s happened. It’s going to be a long road for Tim to restore trust and in his case, to prove [to] me that he’s actually changing. … I am hopeful for us but I have to protect myself because pretty much anything could separate us at this point.”

They were still posting as a couple while the show aired.

Despite the drama and whatever went down during filming, Tim hinted they were still together when he revealed they were both “feeling nervous and excited” to make their TLC debut. In addition to posting a photo with his lady in February, he’s also tagged her in a meme or two in the months since. Melyza hasn’t posted a photo with him on her grid since 2017, but their throwback portrait is still featured on her Instagram page and she often promotes upcoming episodes they will be making appearances on.

Adding fuel to the speculation they were together is the fact they both still follow each other on social media.

Inset Photo of Melyza Over Photo of Tim

Shortly after the season 2 finale aired on November 29, Tim shared a throwback photo of the couple during a trip to Disney in 2014 and Melyza re-posted the picture on her Instagram Story.


But Melyza wasn’t afraid to throw a little shade.

Reposting a tweet from the official 90 Day Fiancé account about how Tim was always the one who drove them around in the U.S., she joked that she’s the “designated (better) driver” when they’re in Colombia. On July 26, she also shared a preview from the show with the caption, “My eyes are light-sensitive, [which] makes me blink a lot. But, no worries, I can still see through the BS.”

On November 23, shortly after the episode that featured their tearful goodbye at the airport when Tim had to fly back to the United States aired, Melyza took to Instagram to seemingly share an update on how she felt about his departure. “Plays ‘Happier’ in the background,” she cryptically captioned a photo of herself smiling in a mirror.

Three days later, she shared a clip from a scene where she and Tim visited her parents so he could tell them he’s moving back to America. In his confessional, Tim admitted he was worried that Melyza’s parents will “plant a seed” in her head for her to break up with him while they’re apart.

“But the first seed was planted by him…” she wrote in her caption, in response to his comment. “I think Tim should have tried harder to find a job in Colombia or take my offer…”

90 day fiance the other way are tim melyza still together
Courtesy of Tim Clarkson/Instagram

Is Tim Still in the United States?

As fans recall, Tim needed to move back to the United States because he couldn’t find work in Colombia. He promised Melyza that he would return as soon as he could find a job with a company that could sponsor his visa in the country.

But it seems the coronavirus pandemic may have put a damper on those plans. Judging from his posts on Instagram, Tim is very much still in America and has not returned to Colombia since he left in February 2020. He posted a photo of the sticker he received when he voted early in the 2020 United States election in October. The following month, he snapped a photo while outdoor dining with his mom and aunt at Taco Mama, which is a Mexican restaurant with locations in Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee.

'90 Day Fiance' Star Melyza Zeta Confirms Split From Tim Clarkson on 'Strikes Back'

Are Tim and Melyza Still Together?

On the January 3, 2021 episode of discovery+’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Strikes Back, Tim confirmed his breakup from Melyza.

“Well, since the last time you saw us, me and Melyza aren’t together and things haven’t been the greatest between us since then. We still share Pepino,” Tim said in a confessional before filming his scenes at his place in Texas, showing fans the couple’s cat.

Melyza, for her part, didn’t mention the split but she did take the opportunity to show fans what Tim has been “missing” by showing off her body before sitting down to film her scenes at her apartment in Colombia.

The following month, the couple appeared on an episode of discovery+’s spinoff 90 Day Bares All. During their interview, they explained why they broke up. Once Tim returned to Texas, he and Melyza started fighting even more and Melyza learned Tim had been flirting with a second coworker. The drama led Tim to break up with Melyza. Shortly after their split, he went on a date with a third coworker.

“I just feel, I guess, so hurt because I just feel like I’ve been treated like a fling and I’m nothing like a fling. I was with him for almost six years and he’s just deciding to erase me from his life,” Melyza said during their tense segment.

But it seems they had a change of heart and decided to get back together. Tim flew to Colombia to visit Melyza and 24 hours after he landed, he proposed to her.

“Our engagement feels right,” Melyza gushed in a statement to People following their announcement on March 7. “Putting a ring on it doesn’t solve it all, but it’s definitely a big step in the right direction, surely one that we wanted to take years ago.”

Tim added, “Being engaged to Melyza is the most complete I have ever felt in my life.”

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