Even first-time viewers of Discovery Channel‘s Alaskan Bush People realize that Billy Brown‘s family tree must be huge — but the reality is that it’s actually even bigger than you think. And as the family grows, you know, continuing to date and having relationships, the family tree’s only going to keep getting larger. ABP star Noah Brown is already getting ready to settle down with his fiancée, Rhain Alisha, and we can imagine soon they’ll be adding even more branches as they find their own bush and pop out some little ones. But check out the family tree as it stands now below.

Billy Brown’s Family Tree

alaskan bush people star billy brown's family tree

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Billy Brown’s Older Children and First Wife

Notice something? Billy Brown actually has more than just the seven kids we see regularly on TV. He actually has nine children, including two daughters from a first marriage. While his oldest daughter, Twila Byars, actually made an appearance on the ABP, there’s been no mention of his other older daughter. She seems to keep away from the spotlight, and hasn’t sought out any public relationship with the Browns. According to the Alaskan Bush People Exposed Facebook page, Texas state records have Billy getting married as a minor to his first wife, Brenda. Together, they had two daughters, Twila and Brandy, before they eventually divorced.

The record also indicates that they got married when Billy was 16 and his first wife was 17. According to his book, Lost Years, they tied the knot so he could claim his family inheritance as a minor. Five years later, the couple divorced — and reports indicate that Billy pretty much dropped out of their lives. And despite Twila’s TV appearance in 2016, this seems to be the case once again judging by her Instagram captions. Though she shares pictures with her dad, his new wife, and her younger half-siblings, they don’t seem to keep in touch.

Billy Brown’s Grandchildren

If you missed that one episode of Alaskan Bush People, you might not realize it, but Billy’s actually a grandfather. And he might have even more grandchildren than we — or he — realizes. When it comes to Billy’s second daughter Brandy, very little is publicly known about her life, but it’s possible that she also has kids. However, we don’t expect to see her or her family showing up on Discovery Channel anytime soon. Eldest daughter Twila has had two children already, although one of her daughters tragically passed away in a car accident a few years before she and Billy briefly reconnected. She seems to have a close relationship with her husband and other daughter, Bronte Byars, however, and the mom-daughter duo is regularly sharing selfies together on Instagram.

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Billy Brown’s Younger Children and Second Wife

Billy and Ami actually also married young — though Ami a little younger than Billy. The reality star’s second wife was allegedly only 15 when they tied the knot, about ten years younger than her 25-year-old groom. And together, they had another seven kids, with real names varying wildly from “Matthew” to “Merry Christmas.” We’ve seen them grow up on the show, and though they were pretty much already all over 18 when we met them (except the baby of the family), they’ve all seriously changed. While only Noah is starting to actually plan a wedding, older son Bam Bam Brown also seems to be pretty serious in his relationship with one of his show’s producers, Allison Kagan. And Gabe Brown has a girlfriend, too.

Youngest sister Rain Brown might just be third-wheeling for now, but it won’t be long either until all the kids are having their own kids and this family tree starts getting crazy complicated. Then again, they might have to leave the bush to meet someone (assuming they ever actually lived there) — or they can pull a Bam Bam and just start dating a crew member. But you can bet that, with nine kids, the Brown bush clan is going to keep expanding.