Back when the Alaskan Bush People premiered in 2014, Discovery Channel-watching fans were all like, huh? What the heck is this show? It's about a family living off the land out in the middle-of-nowhere Alaska and not dying of frostbite every December? Can this be real? But in the years since, we've come to actually kind of love the wild Brown family (and we mean wild in all senses of the word). Whether they're actually out there living in the bush, straight-up just pretending to, or moving to a swanky home in LA due to some unforseen medical issues, they're just living it up in front of the TV cameras and having a blast. Not too bad of a deal when you think about it.

In the five years since they first started filming the show though, the family has changed a lot. Not only have they gone from the wilds of Alaska to the glitz and glamor of Beverly Hills to the way-less-remote wilds of Colorado (and now, apparently, to a swanky lake-front house in Washington state), they've also just grown up. Well, grown up might be a stretch for some of them — the oldest brother was already 30, aka more than well into his adulthood, when the show kicked off. But daughters Birdy and Rain, at least, have gone from baby-faced kids to practically adults.

And though they may not be bush people any longer (though we'll have to wait for Season 8 to air to see how they spin that on the show), they're still the same old Brown family with their crazy facial hair and even crazier real names. We're still not over how perfectly fitting Noah's middle name is for him, or the fact that Rainy's name is short for Raindrop, which isn't even as out there as her actual first name — Merry Christmas. And no, that wasn't a random seasonal greeting. Ready to see how much the kids have changed over the years, though? Check out the gallery below to see how different the Brown family kids look since we first met them on the show.