They’ve got a new member of the Brown family tree! IRL, we’ve already met Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown‘s son. In the season 9 premiere which aired on Sunday, March 3, though, Noah was only just breaking the happy news of his wife’s pregnancy. He and his bride, Rhain Alisha, shared that they were expecting with Billy and Ami Brown first before telling the rest of the family, and the moment couldn’t be cuter.

“Are you serious? No way!” Ami first exclaimed when she heard the news. To the cameras, she continued, “Noah brings great joy to my heart. … It’s amazing that the youngest of five boys, he was the first to get married and the first to have a child. It’s very wonderful.” But after surviving cancer, the news that she was about to become a grandmother took on a whole new meaning for the mother-of-seven. “I thank God that he let me live to see that,” she said tearfully.

Ami And Billy Brown holding hands on a bench in the woods
Discovery Channel

Noah also opened up about what it was like to spill the beans. “The look on my mom’s and dad’s face when they realized they were going to be grandparents, for my mom it’s a dream come true,” he shared. “More than anything, they’re excited. But my siblings, I’m nervous about it. … I’m not sure how [Bird] will react. The fact that we’re pregnant isn’t something that can be changed by popular opinion.”

The Discovery Channel star has had tension with his younger sister Rain Brown over the last year, and on the show, it’s revealed that things aren’t so great with Bird Brown either. Thankfully, sources said that the baby helped bring everyone together, and now we’re seeing that play out on the show. “You know, I’m definitely happy for Noah and his girl,” Bird admitted. “He’s always wanted to be a dad and a husband. I mean I admit I have a lot of mixed emotions, but I’m trying to let past problems be past problems. … I don’t wanna miss out on being an aunt to Noah’s kid.”

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