Allies. 90 Day Fiancé star Cynthia Decker reunited with Kelly Brown amid major drama with former best friend and business partner Molly Hopkins

“You got a friend in me. Out of all the bullsh—t, we have gained an amazing friend,” Cynthia, 51, wrote via Instagram on Sunday, February 26. “We love you @kellykb2022 you are our friend for life! @stizzed_atl my hubby for being an amazing man!” 

90 Day Fiance Molly Cynthia Kelly
Courtesy of Cynthia Decker/Instagram

The former 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk stars’ reunion comes after Kelly broke his silence following the news of an alleged altercation between him and Molly’s daughter, Olivia Hopkins, back in November 2022. 

“What occurred on November 21, 2022, at LiviRae was an unfortunate verbal incident that we all as a family expected to remain private,” Kelly said in an exclusive statement to In Touch on February 15. “It is disappointing that Olivia chooses to make the incident public three months later. Although the timing is interesting, I wish Molly and her daughters all the best and I’m grateful that I’m moving on with my life.”

It was revealed in February 2023 that the former New York City Police Officer and Olivia were involved in a physical altercation in which he allegedly “choke slammed” her at Molly and Cynthia’s business, LiviRae Lingerie — ultimately leading to Molly and Kelly’s split. 

“When I arrived on scene, I met with Olivia Hopkins. Olivia stated that on November 21, 2022, she was in the store with her mother, Molly Hopkins, and a Kimberly Tanner. Olivia was working behind the counter when Molly’s boyfriend, Kelly Brown, walked into the store,” Officer D.M. Kolb explained in the police report, which was obtained by In Touch and filed on February 2. “Kelly was angry with Olivia because of problems with Olivia’s boyfriend. Olivia and Kelly both argued with each other. Kelly stated that he would come at her.”

According to the paperwork, Olivia told the officer that she was unable to obtain the security footage of the altercation as Cynthia was the only one with “access to the footage.” 

Six days later, Cynthia insisted she had nothing to do with the altercation while issuing an exclusive statement to In Touch. “I am deeply mortified and want my name to be removed from the report. I will be telling investigators all of this as I do not want to be listed anywhere on this!” the former TLC personality said on February 8. “I have tried to remain quiet and let this play out but now they are involving me, and I am not going to sit back as my name gets misconstrued.”

The same month Molly and Kelly split after two years of dating, Cynthia — who cofounded LiviRae with Molly in 2006 — revealed she was no longer friends with the mom of two. 

A source later revealed to In Touch that Cynthia “resented” Molly “for being the star of the show.” 

“Molly is the one who did most of the work and Cynthia did nothing,” the insider told In Touch on February 9. “She’s upset that she won’t be making that ​Pillow Talk money any longer.”

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