More money, more problems? Kalani Faagata thought meeting up with husband Asuelu Pulaa’s mother, Lesina, and sister Tammy would settle their financial dispute, but it nearly ended in a brawl because Tammy charged toward her on the Sunday, August 23, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

The tension was tangible when the trio met up without Asuelu present. “I just don’t know why you feel entitled to me and my family’s money,” Kalani said.

Tammy explained the cash would not only help out them, but their loved ones “back home” in Samoa. Lesina implied it shouldn’t be a problem for the couple because they were getting support from Kalani’s parents. They added that Kalani, 31, should get a job, but the mom of two scoffed at her sister-in-law’s request, noting she wasn’t going to be away from her kids just to pay for other people.

90 Day Fiance Kalani Birth Baby 2 Asuelu
Courtesy of Kalani Faagata/Instagram

“I’m lazy because I don’t want to work to give you guys free money?” Kalani asked when they claimed she just didn’t want to get a full-time gig. Tammy said Kalani knew exactly what she was getting into by getting pregnant and marrying Asuelu, 24, and Kalani stood there shocked as Tammy continued to raise her voice. 

“This is the craziest thing yet,” Kalani said in her confessional. “I can’t believe they are accusing me of getting pregnant on purpose as if Asuelu is just this amazing catch when I’ve never asked anything of him.”

Lesina took it up a notch by saying, “I’m sorry Kalani. I don’t care about the kids.” She wanted to take Asuelu back to Samoa to do his financial “duty as before.” Kalani struggled to keep her composure when Tammy suggested she and Asuelu should consider a separation or divorce because of the money dispute.

Tammy claimed Kalani “brainwashed” and controlled him, which sent Kalani over the edge, telling both of them she was “done.” When Kalani walked away, Tammy lunged toward her as if she was going to fight, but Lesina held Tammy back.

Asuelu With His Family
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“Wait till I see you,” Tammy yelled out. “I’m gonna beat you up.”

Later on, Kalani told Asuelu what went down and he was surprised it got that heated between them. “If your sister would have touched a fricken molecule on my f–king body. I would have dropped her. Period,” she said to her hubby. 

Asuelu seemingly sided with his family and suggested Kalani control the way she talked to his loved ones. Kalani later vented to her sister, Kolini, and Kolini told her she should walk away if the situation kept on escalating. 

90 Day Fiance Kalani Says She Done With Asuelu Sister
Courtesy Kalani/Instagram; TLC

“If it keeps continuing on like this, I won’t want to be a part of this marriage anymore,” Kalani admitted in her confessional. 

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