Congratulations are in order for 90 Day Fiancé star Kalani! Or is it sympathies? On the Dec. 16 episode of the TLC show, the new mom discovered she was expecting again, but the news was far from happy. Instead, the reality star revealed that she was instantly feeling pretty overwhelmed by the news. Not only was she not ready to have two kids, but she was also already struggling with her perception of how good of a mother she was to Oliver, her son — and it didn’t take long for her to worry about how having a sibling would affect him.

“A few days ago, we kind of stumbled upon a surprise,” the 30-year-old revealed on camera. “I found out that I’m pregnant… Because I’m breastfeeding, Asuelo and I don’t really have many options for birth control, and Asuelo doesn’t really like using condoms because they’re for ‘slut people,'” she continued, making air quotes with her fingers. “I feel like… I should be excited. But I feel like it’s not good timing right now with his papers and the next round of papers we have to do and planning a wedding and taking care of my son.”

It was having Oliver that worried her most. “I feel like I’m not even as good of a mom as I should be now, and now I’m gonna have another baby to take myself away from my son even more,” she admitted. “I feel like I’m already spreading myself so thin to then have another part that I’m going to have to be responsible for and take care of, it just scares me… I wanted to wait until my son was old enough so that I could be excited about it, and now I just feel even more overwhelmed than I already did.”

And there was one more issue, too: “I’m so sick of disappointing my family,” Kalani said. “I’m gonna tell my mom first that I’m pregnant, just because she’s my mom, and she’s who I’m close to and I feel like, just because my mom’s so supportive, that she’ll be the easiest to talk to and the best person to give me advice.” We’ve seen her back-and-forth with her family over her relationship this season, especially when it comes to raising Oliver, so it’s no surprise that she’d be concerned that it would come up again with another baby tying her to her fiancé.

Speaking of her fiancé, though, Asuelo was pretty happy to get the news. “Kalani, she’s mad, because I am very happy to make a baby… I come from a big family. I have lots of siblings. So it’s like a good feeling for me to have a son. And, my son have another siblings,” he shared. Let’s just hope that Kalani comes around to the good news, too — and that she gets the help and support that she needs from Asuelo and her family.

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