Kalani Faagata With Son Oliver and Husband Asuelu Pulaa
Courtesy Kalani Faagata/Instagram

Putting the past behind them? 90 Day Fiancé star Asuelu Pulaa told wife Kalani Faagata he’s “ready to move forward” from their explosive fight. In the Sunday, July 26, episode of Happily Ever After, he apologized for his role in the blowup fans watched on the July 5 installment of the TLC show.

Admitting he “learned from the past,” Asuelu, 24, said he was sorry for telling Kalani, 31, that American women had it easier than Samoan women when it comes to taking care of the household and raising children. His wife accepted his apology, calling it “progress,” but she also asked him to do better and prove he meant it by helping out more around the house.

90 day fiance kalani asuelu relationship timeline
Courtesy of Kalani Faagata/Instagram

While on vacation in California, the couple faced off over the roles they both play at home, and it’s not the first time they’ve had that kind of fight. The parents, who share sons Oliver and Kennedy, similarly clashed during the season 5 premiere when the mom of two accused her husband of not “contributing” to the household. When Asuelu used his free time to play video games and volleyball with his American friends instead of helping look after his children, Kalani reached her boiling point.

“I 100 percent support Asuelu having a social life, but the thing is, if you’re not contributing to your household, you don’t get the right to then just leave for hours at a time. Where’s my break?” she vented on the series. “If Asuelu refuses to change, I don’t know if I can keep doing this anymore.”

The fights continued during the July 19 episode, and Asuelu’s father-in-law, Low Faagata, even ended up pulling him aside for a man-to-man chat. The issues continued into the July 26 show, in which Kalani confessed she felt like she was “battling a teenager.” Luckily, it seems this issue may now be behind them — and they just might’ve gotten to the root of why the father of two was really upset.

After clashing over their cultural differences, Asuelu admitted he was feeling homesick. “I really want to go see my family in Washington,” he said. “My mom has a green card so she can go back and forth, and, right now, she is here in [the] U.S.”

Though visiting her in-laws presented its own set of challenges after they skipped the couples’ wedding, Kalani seemed willing to try as long as they could approach the trip as a “team.” Warning her husband he can’t walk out on her like he did in California, she said, “I need to know that you’re not going to be throwing me under the bus.”

It looks like this couple still has a long way to go, but they both want to put in the work.

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