She’s got her sister’s back! 90 Day Fiancé fans were not happy with Kalani‘s sister Kolini during this week’s episode. Kalani’s family sat down for a dinner with her fiancé and baby daddy Asuelu just one day after he arrived in the US on his K-1 visa, and Kolini was not happy to see Asuelu bonding with her nephew, Oliver because she felt that she was Oliver’s first father figure. Viewers slammed Kolini on social media for the way she reacted during the dinner, and Kalani took to Instagram to defend her sister’s feelings.

“My sister WAS [sic] Oliver’s dad for his first five months,” Kalani, 29, wrote on her Instagram story shortly after the episode aired. “She watched him when I had to go back to work for Asuelu’s papers, she bought all of the s–t I didn’t get from my baby shower and let me skip rent/bills when I had to buy his plane tickets for his interviews and doctor’s appointments. Asuelu wasn’t paid in coconuts, dumb assess — he made $600 American a month, with no bills. As a sister, if you know you’re throwing down money to help your nephew, and know that the father isn’t helping in ways that he could — you’d be salty too!”

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Kolini got backlash after she claimed that she was more of a father figure to Oliver than Asuelu was because she was the one who was there for him while Asuelu was in Samoa, waiting for his visa to be approved so that he could travel to America. “For the first five months of Oliver’s life, I was like his dad. And it was a lot to handle, but I love him so much that I was happy to do it for her, but that came with resentment for Asuelu for not being there,” Kolini said in her confessional. “It bugs me that Asuelu feels that he can immediately become a father to Oliver.”

But after Kolini made those comments, she immediately got dragged online. “I cannot even stand Kolini, please take 10 seats and allow Asuelu to get to know HIS [sic] son because that is that child’s DADDY. NOT you! He wasn’t absent on purpose. He needed the proper documentation to be here for his child,” one fan tweeted, and another commented, “I don’t care what Kolini did for Oliver for the first five months. She is still only his aunt she is not his father.”

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