Going strong? 90 Day Fiancé fans are watching Lidia Morel and Scott Wern’s love story initially unfold during season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise in April 2023. While the pair seemingly ended their relationship during the TLC spinoff, Scott and Lidia rekindled their romance during season 5 of The Family Chantel and fans are curious where the pair currently stands.

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Lidia and Scott Meet?

Lidia, who fans of the franchise already know as The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno’s mother, met Scott online. They communicated for a year before he took an overseas trip to visit Lidia in the Dominican Republic.

“I am a 56-year-old woman who’s only had one relationship,” Lidia explained during the season premiere on April 17, 2023. “I hope Scott is worthy. Because I didn’t wait 12 years of my life for a tiny thing.”

Who Is ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Lidia’s Ex, Pedro Jimeno Sr.?

The TLC personality was previously in a relationship with Pedro Jimeno Sr., though their romance ended on a sour note. In addition to Pedro, the pair share one daughter, Nicole Jimeno.

“I remember the last time I had contact with him was March 2010 and I remember he gave me 5,000 pesos. And since then, I’ve never had contact with him again,” Lidia revealed about her ex during a confessional. “I let it go because when you are done with a relationship, I’m the kind of person that will not chase after you.”

What Problems Have Scott and Lidia Faced in Their Relationship?

During the May 29 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise, the pair seemingly hit their breaking point when Scott recruited the help of the show’s translator so that he could communicate with Lidia without using a translation app.

“I feel like when I was talking to you in Florida, maybe things were easy because we were having shorter conversations,” he told Lidia. “And then when we’re spending a lot of time together, we’re having longer conversations.”

Scott then explained that he found it difficult to communicate with her because they had to rely on the app and said he was “getting f–king ​frustrated with the whole process.”

Lidia admitted she was confused and noted in a confessional that Scott previously said he “didn’t care” about their language barrier. “Now he tells me that he can’t take it anymore, but I think Scott has very little patience,” she added.

She told Scott that she doesn’t believe their differing languages are an issue and complained that he was “not putting in the time” to make their relationship work.

“I think the language barrier is a huge f–king problem,” he responded. “I’m trying to be realistic”

After Scott insisted that he “really cares” about Lidia, he argued that he “invested a lot of time getting to know her.”

Are '90 Day Fiance' Stars Lidia Morel and Scott Wern Still Together? Inside Their International Romance

“She’s a beautiful person,” Scott told the translator. “I feel bad, but I just don’t feel the chemistry.” Scott also revealed his 29-year-old ex-girlfriend from Colombia also got in contact with him after initially ghosting him. 

Things got tenser after Nicole showed up during the conversation and called the Florida native a “bad man” and a “liar” for his treatment of her mom. 

“You want to be a sugar man when you have 50 years or more? You know the only reason, a young woman can be interested in you is for money,” she told him. “Believe me, I’m young and I know that. You pay for pleasure of a woman.” 

The conversation and relationship seemingly ended as Scott angrily left the room.

Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Scott Get Back Together With His Ex?

Following his oncamera split with Lidia, Scott reunited with his ex Liz in his hotel room in the D.R. during the June 19 episode. Scott held back tears after he hugged Liz, while he appeared happy to be with his ex.

Meanwhile, Liz told the cameras that they instantly clicked when they met, though she became scared when they started discussing marriage. After noting that they had been in contact for the past year and a half, she explained that she was there to “fight for him.”

The exes appeared to be on the same page. Scott explained that he planned to take Liz on a getaway in Puerto Plata, which he originally intended to go on with Lidia.

“Contingency plan – I hate using the word contingency plan – Liz and I are gonna go there and hopefully we build new memories,” the TV personality explained.

However, their romance didn’t last long as only two hours into their getaway, Liz packed her things and stormed off in tears. In a private confessional during the June 26 episode, Liz revealed that while she liked Scott initially, he was insecure and possessive in their last relationship.

“I decide to come because I felt maybe this time be different,” she told producers before ending the relationship. “But this morning, he start to act kind of creepy, I don’t know. Just, he telling me all the time, like, that he love me. I wasn’t feeling prepared for that.”

Why Did Scott and Lidia Rekindle Their Romance?

Lidia revealed she reconciled her romance with Scott during season 5 of The Family Chantel, which premiered in October 2023. Scott texted the D.R. native that he missed her and Lidia decided to give him another chance.

The pair reunited during the November 20 episode and Lidia’s kids weren’t shy about letting Scott know that they didn’t trust his intentions. Tensions only escalated after it was revealed Nicole sent a friend to spy on Scott at his hotel. The friend recorded several videos of Scott giving various women his phone number.

Pedro confronted Scott about the video while practicing martial arts together at the gym. The U.S. native then understood why Pedro was being aggressive toward him and before asking, “Are you here to kick my ass?”

Despite Scott telling Pedro he had good intentions with his mother, the pair had to be separated as their physical altercation continued to escalate. When Pedro asked Scott with the video footage of him with other women, Scott excused the behavior by saying he talked to everyone.

The conversation ended with Scott telling Pedro that he planned to have sex with Lidia out of spite.

Scott told Lidia about the confrontation with Pedro during the December 4 episode and she defended her son. She said it was normal for a son to want to protect his mother. Scott called her cold reaction and lack of empathy “crazy,” but added that he would “go with the craziness.”

Seemingly ready to brush off the feud, the respiratory therapist told Lidia he did not have a problem with Pedro, and would love him at a later time. He then told Lidia he would like to “make some little Pedros tonight,” and both agreed to go to his hotel room.

After their steamy affair, Scott said, “Pedro will be calling me papi tomorrow,” and called their session “pure vengeance sex,” adding, “This is for you, Pedro.”

Lidia talked to Pedro about his fight with Scott back at home, where Pedro told Lidia that Scott assaulted him and claimed that he was manipulative. After Pedro showed Lidia the video of Scott talking to other women at the hotel pool, Lidia called Scott a “vulgar charlatan” and a “scoundrel.”

Are ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Lidia and Scott Still Together?

Scott and Lidia’s relationship came to an end after Lidia confronted the health professional about flirting with other women. Scott stood strong in his stance that he did nothing wrong. However, the conversation ended with Scott telling Lidia that she and her entire family will be single forever because they are “crazy.” In response, the law professional told Scott he was bad in bed.

Scott claimed the bad sex was Lidia’s fault and insisted the sex with his Colombian ex was “the best [he] ever had.” Lidia called Scott a “bastard” and said their relationship was over.

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