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French Montana has been feeding Khloé Kardashian everything from Mexican to Italian to Japanese food as he deliberately tries to expand her (formerly shrinking!) waistline, sources close to the pair tell In Touch.

"He likes big women," says an insider. "He loves her curves and is always telling her she's hot and that she has a great ass."

The result: Her butt's been growing at a rapid rate since they started dating in April.

Khloe Shopping NY

Khloe had a noticeably larger rear end while shopping in Southampton, NY on June 3.

The pair have been on an eating marathon, devouring pasta, pizza, butter-soaked seafood – everything the 5-foot-10 star swore off last year as she dropped close to 50 pounds and replaced Kim as the widely regarded hottest Kardashian sister for the first time ever.

"Her clothes don't fit her anymore," a friend of the mag tells In Touch.

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A recent Instagram photo showed the 29-year-old reality star, who has even called her weight "my biggest lifetime struggle," showed she'd burned 516 calories in 30 minutes on an elliptical.

But, workouts like that are the exception now that she's with French (whose upcoming album is titled Mac & Cheese 4!).

"He needs something to grab onto," the friend adds. "And Khloé's giving it to him."

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