If you’ve ever watched TLC’s Sister Wives, you’ve probably finished the show with more questions than you have answers. Like, for one — how does this even work? Kody Brown has four wives and they all just live in harmony (or at least more harmony than you have on The Bachelor when they’re all just dating the same guy, not even committed)?

If you’ve ever had a question about Sister Wives, just scroll down — because we’re answering all of them. And yeah, that’s including whether or not this show is real. Read on to find out everything you’ve ever wondering about this famous fam.

Where do the Sister Wives families live?

After dealing with some legal issues back in 2011, Kody, his wives, and all of their children packed up their stuff and moved from Utah to Las Vegas. They relocated in hopes that they could live more openly and with more religious freedom. “There was an immense amount of peace that we felt in arriving to Las Vegas,” Kody told Oprah. “It was like, ‘Okay, this is our new home and here we believe we will experience freedom.”

Is having sister wives legal?

Polygamy isn’t currently legal in the United States — and that was part of the legal trouble Kody and his family experienced when leaving Utah. Utah has strict anti-polygamy laws, but Kody and his family actually fought back against them. According to CNN, the Browns sued the state in 2011, claiming the laws against polygamy were unconstitutional. Though they initially won, that judgment was overturned, and recently the laws got even stricter, defining a bigamist as “[someone living] with a purported spouse while legally married to someone else.”

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In Nevada, however, the laws are less strict. The Las Vegas Sun spoke with family law attorney Marshal Willick who explained that “there is nothing to prevent a married person from also living with someone else as long as they aren’t married to each other.” Because only one of Kody’s marriages is legal, and the other three are “spiritual,” Kody and his wives aren’t technically breaking any Nevada laws.

How many sister wives are there?

The are four wives: Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown. Kody and Meri became a couple back in 1990, Janelle joined their family in 1993, Christine became the third sister wife in 1994, and, 16 years later in 2010, Kody added Robyn as his fourth wife. Together, they have 18 children — fifteen of them are Kody’s biological children, three of them are Robyn’s children from before she met Kody.

Meri’s got one daughter, Mariah, who’s 22. Janelle’s children are Logan, 23, Maddie, 21, Hunter, 20, Garrison, 19, Gabriel, 16, and Savanah, 12. Christine’s kids are Aspyn, 22, Mykelti, 21, Paedon, 19, Gwendolyn, 16, Ysabel, 14, and Truely, 7. Robyn’s older children are Dayton, 17, Aurora, 15, and Breanna, 12. Kody adopted all three of them, and they went on to have Solomon, 5, and Ariella, 1.

Who catfished Meri on Sister Wives?

Two years ago, Meri revealed she’d been talking to someone online named “Sam Cooper.” After talking for six months, it was revealed that “Sam” was actually Jackie Overton. Jackie’s a woman who has allegedly run scams like this before — and has even been in trouble with the law.

Who on Sister Wives got a divorce?

Meri and Kody got divorced back in 2015, but they’re still together. They separated legally so that Kody could marry his fourth wife, Robyn, and officially adopt her three older children. However, the split did cause some turmoil in their relationship. Kody considers this one of the reasons Meri started talking to her Catfish in the first place.

Are the Sister Wives families Mormon?

Kind of. They’re part of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), a sect of the Mormon church that allows for polygamy. Maddie, one of Kody’s daughter, did attempt to join the mainstream Mormon church, but she was shot down considering her family’s home life.

Are the sister wives actually sisters?

Though they’re called sister wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn aren’t actually sisters. They’re just all married to the same man.

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Do the sister wives sleep together?

Nope, the sister wives don’t sleep together. While they are all married to Kody, but they’re not in romantic relationships with each other. The family engages in polygamy, not polyamory.

How does having sister wives work?

Because all four women are married to Kody, they all function as his wives. When they moved to Las Vegas, each wife moved into her own house — and Kody rotates between the houses. They help to raise each other’s kids as one big family, but they also keep their own space.

Was Kody from Sister Wives arrested?

Kody reportedly feared being arrested because of Utah’s anti-polygamy laws. However, he was never actually arrested before the family left the state of Utah for Nevada.

Is Sister Wives real?

Yep! While there’s no doubt that some of the drama is exacerbated for the cameras (and the family’s fame from the show invited trouble of its own) there’s no script for these sister wives. One family member claimed that the drama surrounding the family’s Vegas move was fake — “They talked about moving to Vegas long before they did… That was their plan and they used the State coming after them for ratings,” Christine’s aunt told Radar Online. But other than that, this might be one of the realest reality TV shows around.

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