If you’ve ever watched TLC’s Sister Wives, you’ve probably got more questions than answers about Kody Brown his wife, Robyn, and his former wives Meri and Janelle Brown and Christine Brown. Keep reading to see where the reality TV family lives after their plans to move to Coyote Pass and more.

Where Do the ‘Sister Wives’ Families Live? 

Kody, his wives and his 18 children have moved across the country on multiple occasions, and the ongoing drama between the polygamist and his spouses has further added fuel to the separation fire.   

As of publication, the wives – and ex-wife Christine – live in a variety of places. Christine, first and foremost, lives in Utah, having moved to the state after leaving Kody in 2021. Despite no longer being married to the polygamist and living in a completely different state, Christine has confirmed that she will continue to be a part of Sister Wives.  

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“I made a promise to Kody and everybody else that I will stay with Sister Wives as long as we have the show just to be fair,” Christine told Entertainment Tonight in November 2022. “It’s what our family’s been doing for so long.” Shortly thereafter, Christine took to social media to let fans know she was filming new content in her Salt Lake City, Utah, home.  

Kody, Robyn (often rumored to be his favorite wife), Janelle and Meri all live in Arizona as of publication, having moved to the Grand Canyon State from Las Vegas, Nevada. The Brown family patriarch purchased a vacant property called Coyote pass to be split into four parcels for each of his spouses – plans have certainly changed since, and the lot remains largely untouched.  

Janelle Brown Coyote Pass
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Meri, who was Kody’s first legal wife, previously lived in a four-bedroom, three-bathroom property in Flagstaff, Arizona. Though she had been with Kody the longest before revealing their split in December 2022, Meri had her fair share of drama (no one can forget the cat fishing episode). In fact, Meri and Kody’s relationship is so icy that he suggested to Meri that she move back to Utah in an October 2022 episode of Sister Wives, much to her disappointment.  

In April 2023, In Touch confirmed that Meri is leaving Flagstaff, Arizona, and is moving to Utah.

According to a Zillow listing viewed by In Touch, the business ​owner’s Arizona home was put up for rent on April 24, 2023, with a monthly rent of $5,800. Additionally, the listing page notes that the home will be available for move-in on May 15.

Online records viewed by In Touch state that Meri has updated her personal and business address to Parowan, Utah.

Robyn and Kody – in addition to the Coyote Pass land – purchased a temporary home, also in Flagstaff. Janelle, meanwhile, lives in a rental home after having spent the summer of 2021 living in an RV on the property, though her lodging has become a point of contention between her and Kody.  

During a November 2022 episode, Kody tried to talk Janelle into buying the home he shared with Christine before they split, much to Janelle’s chagrin.  

“I want a house. I’m ready to be settled in my own house,” Janelle said, with Kody retorting, “Yeah, but we’re a year from that, even if we start building right away.” Janelle maintained that she could not afford two mortgages, prompting Kody to label his wife as “lack[ing] creativity” when it comes to her living arrangement.  

Did Polygamy Laws Force the ‘Sister Wives’ Stars to Move?  

Polygamy isn’t legal in the United States — and it was part of the trouble that Kody and his family experienced when leaving Utah. Utah had strict anti-polygamy laws until 2020, and the Brown family actually fought against them. 

According to CNN, the Browns sued the state in 2011, claiming the laws against polygamy were unconstitutional. Though they initially won, that judgment was overturned.

In Nevada, however, the laws are less strict. The Las Vegas Sun spoke with family law attorney Marshal Willick who explained that “there is nothing to prevent a married person from also living with someone else as long as they aren’t married to each other.” Because only one of Kody’s marriages is legal, and the others are “spiritual,” Kody and his wives weren’t technically breaking any Nevada laws.

As for Arizona, plural marriages are “prohibited in the state.” In December 2020, Kody told The Sun, “We’re not popular around here.”

How Many Sister Wives Are There?

The reality star patriarch has four wives. Kody and Meri wed back in 1990, Janelle joined their family in 1993, Christine became the third sister wife in 1994, and 16 years later, in 2010, Kody added Robyn as his fourth wife. Together, they have 18 children — 15 of them are Kody’s biological children, three of them are Robyn’s children from before she met Kody.

Meri has one child, Leon. Janelle’s six children are Logan, Maddie, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel and Savanah. Christine’s six kids are Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendolyn, Ysabel and Truely. 

Robyn’s older children are Dayton, Aurora and Breanna. Kody adopted all three of them, and they went on to have two kids of their own, Solomon and Ariella. 

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown Relationship Timeline Janelle Brown Kody Brown Meri Brown Robyn Brown Christine Brown
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Who ​Broke Up on ‘Sister Wives’?

Meri and Kody got divorced back in 2014, ​but remained spiritually married until 2022. They separated legally so that Kody could marry his fourth wife, Robyn, and officially adopt her three older children.  

Christine shocked fans in November 2021 when she announced she was leaving Kody. Since they were never legally married, their split was effective immediately. As for Janelle, rumors have been circulating about the status of her marriage to Kody, with Christine’s aunt Kristyn Decker telling In Touch in November 2022 that she believes Janelle left Kody “a long time ago.”  

“As far as any relationship, any marriage goes, I think [Janelle’s] similar to, in Meri [Brown]’s situation where she’s just staying in a marriage that’s not really a marriage,” Kristyn says about Janelle’s relationship with the polygamous patriarch. “I don’t think they’ve had a marriage for a long, long, long time. It’s just platonic.” 

Nearly one year after Christine left Kody, In Touch exclusively revealed on December 9, 2022, that Janelle and Kody called it quits on their relationship after nearly 20 years together because she “outgrew him.”

“Janelle is a strong, independent woman and realized she can do it on her own,” the insider told In Touch at the time.

Meri later hinted at her split from Kody during the Sister Wives: One on One tell-all special in December, though broke her silence about the separation the following month.

“After more than a decade of working on our relationship in our own unique ways, we have made the decision to permanently terminate our marriage relationship,” a joint statement posted to both Meri and Kody’s Instagram pages read on January 10, 2023. “During this process, we are committed to kindness and respect toward each other and to all the members of our family, and we are also committed to the continued healing of any and all relationships within the family so that we can move forward with forgiveness, grace and love.”

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