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Tour All of the Houses the ‘Sister Wives’ Stars Have Lived In: From Utah to Las Vegas to Flagstaff

When we first met the Brown family from TLC’s Sister Wives, the 20+ member family all lived in a huge house in Utah. The clan, which consisted of husband Kody Brown, his three wives, Meri Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown, and their kids, became famous after the debut of their show in September 2010. Fans watched as Kody legally divorced Meri and tie the knot with Robyn Brown in 2014, and the already-bustling family transformed into a 23-person network. But being “open polygamists” had its downsides. The polygamous family ran into issues in 2011 and decided to uproot their family and move to Las Vegas where they could practice their religious beliefs in peace.

While Las Vegas may have been more accepting of their practices, the family felt like they were growing apart while living in four separate rental houses. Worried about the future of his family, Kody realized the key to bringing everyone back was to invest in a cul-de-sac where the entire family could live together.

The family paid approximately $400,000 for four houses, one for each wife, so that they could all live next door to each other. Although each house had the same floor plan, each wife made little changes (like changing the color of the kitchen countertops or rearranging the windows) for a personal touch. All the homes were Spanish-style with stucco siding, similar to most homes in the Las Vegas area.

In 2018, Kody decided to uproot his big brood again with a move to Flagstaff, Arizona. It was met with a lot of backlash from their kids, who had mixed feelings about relocating again, and the move was anything but smooth. Once they settled into their new rental homes in Flagstaff, Kody tried to convince his wives to agree to live in one large home that they would custom-build on their Coyote Pass property. After the idea was shut down, they decided they would build separate homes on Coyote Pass, but a delay in the sale of their Las Vegas homes caused a snag in the build of their new homes. Things became more complicated when Christine announced her decision to leave Kody in November 2021.

During the season 15 finale of Sister Wives, Christine revealed that she was no longer committed to her relationship with Kody, confessing that they didn’t have “enough” together.  

“The thing that I struggled with most is when I feel like I don’t have a say or when I feel like I’m not as important or things like that,” Christine told Us Weekly in November 2021 about her decision to leave Kody. “Anytime we’ve had major decisions, I go through a time where I’m like, ‘Does my opinion really even matter here?'”

She sold her Flagstaff, Arizona, property and is now living in a duplex home located in Murray, Utah, In Touch confirmed after obtaining realty documents. Days after Christine announced her engagement to fiancé David Woolley in April 2023, In Touch confirmed that she and her future spouse purchased a $770,000 home.  

In February 2022,  In Touch confirmed that no building permits had been approved for building on the Coyote Pass property, which meant construction on the houses had not yet begun. That same month, Christine and Kody’s son Paedon Brown shut down rumors that the Sister Wives started construction on their new homes on Coyote Pass via his TikTok account.

“Any chance this is the famous Coyote Pass and dad is finally building?” one fan commented on Paedon’s post about construction. “Zero chance,” Paedon replied.

By December 2022, another Brown marriage had fallen apart, this time between Kody and Janelle. In Touch broke the news on December 9, 2022, that the family patriarch and the Plexus ambassador had finally split after months of on-camera tension. Fighting over their children, COVID-19 protocols and living arrangements, Kody and Janelle were not seeing eye-to-eye, with an insider telling In Touch at the time that Janelle “outgrew” her husband and their marriage. Janelle and her children (minus her son Garrison Brown, who has been feuding with Kody) continue to live in a Flagstaff rental property they’ve resided in since 2019, but the future of her living arrangements – and if she’ll ever live on the Coyote Pass property – is up in the air. 

With all four women living farther apart than ever, it caused tension in the family, which continued to play out during their TLC reality TV show. Take a look at the gallery below to get a tour of all the wives’ homes.

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