‘Like We Should Have All Been Together From Day 1’ — Kody and Robyn Brown’s Relationship Timeline

She knew what she was signing up for. Robyn Brown was the last wife to join Kody Brown‘s family and came into the picture quite a bit later than his other wives. She has integrated quite well since, and is, in fact, the only legal wife in the Sister Wives family.

Before the most recent season of the TLC series about the polygamous Brown family, Robyn said in the intro for the show that joining Kody and his three other wives and their kids felt, “like destiny. Like we should have all been together from day one.”

However, when they first met, Kody apparently wasn’t sold on his final wife right away. “She looked like a soccer mom,” Kody said of her on the show. “She had a van, three kids, and was divorced. I thought, ‘I didn’t need a van, a divorced woman, and three kids in my life — that’s just trouble.’”

But things apparently went well between them, because before long, Kody introduced Robyn to the rest of the family — and to the world, on the first season of Sister Wives. The duo saw each other for four months before Kody decided to ask her to join their family, SheKnows reported. “By polygamist standards, that’s actually a long time,” he explained on the reality show.

Kody’s first wife, Meri Brown, had to have known it was coming. She was actually there when Kody and his then-future bride met. “So Kody and I were out one night and we went over to a friend’s house, and Robyn happens to be this friend’s cousin,” Meri said once on the show. “That’s where we first met Robyn.”

The rest, as they say, is history. Kody and Robyn now share two children together — Solomon and Ariella — and he legally adopted her three kids from her first marriage — son David Dayton and daughters Aurora Alice and Breanna Rose. Kody actually divorced his first wife Meri in order to legally marry Robyn in 2014.

Take a look back at Kody and Robyn’s whole relationship timeline in the gallery below.

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