Along with many in America, Moriah Plath is doing her best to social distance amid the coronavirus outbreak. On Monday, March 23, however, the Welcome to Plathville star faced some hate after a commenter saw a gym selfie she shared. The star wasn’t bothered, though — she simply set the record straight with an epic clapback.

“Stay the F home,” an Instagram user commented on the TLC star’s post. “Why are you going to the gym when the rest of the planet, like all of California, New York, Illinois, India [and] Italy are staying home?” Moriah, 17, didn’t fire back. Instead, she explained, “Yes! You’re right, we should stay home. [That’s] one of the many reasons I chose a photo from December.”

Welcome to Plathville Star Moriah Plath Claps Back at Troll Telling Her to Stay the F Home Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
Courtesy of Moriah Plath/Instagram

The post — which the Plathville star shared to clear the air about her age — originally didn’t mention that it was a throwback. After the interaction, Moriah updated her photo caption to make it clear. “Photo back from December. [I’m] tryna stay home now, and I hope y’all are too!” she wrote. “We can get through this together!”

Followers who are in the know might’ve already recognized that it was an old picture. In January 2020, the teen revealed she’d dyed the ends of her hair purple, calling herself “seriously unpredictable” and added the hashtag #freedom. The style decision seemed to reflect Moriah’s desire to find her own path instead of living the life her parents want her to.

In January, the teen posted an Instagram Story about being her own hero. A week and a half later, she also seemingly threw shade at her sisters. After Lydia and Hosanna Plath visited the Rodrigues family, Moriah wrote that she didn’t know “what to say” about her siblings. “As much as I can’t control what my sisters do, they also can’t control what I do,” she continued. “So I will be found across the country from all that.”

Much in the same way that sister-in-law Olivia Plath helped her, however, Moriah wants to be there for her younger siblings. “I’d do anything I could for any of them,” she told fans in February 2020. “But it’s hard to help someone who doesn’t want help and hard to save someone who doesn’t see the potential damage.”

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