Two of the strongest female competitors on season 4 of The Challenge: All Stars went head-to-head in an elimination for the ages. Rachel Robinson and Cara Maria Sorbello competed against each other during the Wednesday, April 24, episode.

This week’s daily challenge split the competitors up into four teams of five players each. The teams were harnessed to a braided rope hanging off the side of a moving truck. They had to unbraid themselves and then move a peg through a maze on the side of the vehicle to complete the challenge. 

T.J. Lavin announced that the winning team would be safe, while the women on the two losing teams would be eligible to be sent into elimination. The members of the team in the middle would have to make the decision about which two women would be competing to keep for their spot in the game.

The women on the losing teams were Cara Maria, 37, Rachel, 41, Veronica Portillo, Flora Alekseyeva and Nicole Zanatta. Interestingly, three of these women – Cara Maria, Rachel and Veronica, 46 – were also star holders, which meant they were guaranteed a spot in the final as long as they stayed in the game and held onto their star.

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The middle team making the elimination decision consisted of Tina Barta, Brandon Nelson, Averey Tressler, Jay Mitchell and Jasmine Reynaud. Veronica and Rachel were confident that Tina, 42, would have their back, since they have all been friends for years and are a known alliance. Meanwhile, Cara Maria felt good because she thought she had Jasmine, 37, Jay, 36, and Brandon, 39, on her side.

However, as the deliberations began, it became the consensus that putting Rachel and Cara Maria against each other in the elimination would be a smart move since it would ensure that one of the strongest competitors and someone with a star would be sent home. 

the challenge rachel vs cara maria

When it was time to vote, Jasmine and Brandon went against their alliance with Cara and voted for her, as well as Rachel. Jay cast one of his votes on Rachel, while Averey, 33, put one of hers on Cara. By the time the vote got to Tina, it was already clear that Cara and Rachel had the majority of votes, so she voted for them, despite her longtime friendship with the fitness instructor.

Before the elimination, Rachel was admittedly upset with Tina for throwing a vote her way and Cara got emotional when she found out that Brandon and Jasmine had betrayed her. However, both women are competitors first and they put on their game faces when it came time to go up against each other.

At the elimination, Laurel Stucky and Kam Williams, who were the two women on the winning team, had the opportunity to throw themselves into the elimination to try and earn a star. However, they both decided not to, which confirmed that Rachel and Cara would be going head-to-head. 

The challenge required the women to throw small axes at a large game board, which featured some pieces that had their faces on them. The goal was to hit the pieces with the other player’s face. However, if a player nailed their own face, that would be a point for their opponent. The first to get three points won.

After a long back and forth, Cara won the elimination, sending Rachel home. She also got to take Rachel’s star and give it to another player of her choice. Cara decided to give the star to Jasmine in hopes that having a star would put a target on her new enemy’s back in the future. 

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