Shots fired! Welcome to Plathville star Moriah Plath threw some serious shade at a few of her sisters when a private fan account reposted photos from the public account of some Plath family friends, the Rodrigues family. In the pictures, her older sisters, Hosanna and Lydia Plath, were seen visiting with the family. The Rodrigueses are much more conservative and religious than how Moriah identifies, even having grown up in her own strict household.

“[I don’t know] what to say,” Moriah, 17, commented on the series of reposted photos. “Except as much as I can’t control what my sisters do they also can’t control what I do, so I will be found across the country from all that.” Ouch.

When another Instagram user replied to Moriah and asked, “Any insight into what they’re like in person?” she responded, “Need Jesus🙃.” That prompted the account to respond in jest, “Or cheesus,” and her sister-in-law Olivia Plath — who has publically clashed with Moriah’s family after marrying Moriah’s brother Ethan Plath — to reply, “Hahahahaha, stopppp.”

Moriah Plath Throws Major Shade at Her Sisters comment 1
Courtesy of Moriah Plath/rodriguesfamilyservingcheesus/Instagram
Moriah Plath Throws Major Shade at Her Sisters comment 2
Courtesy of Moriah Plath/rodriguesfamilyservingcheesus/Instagram

The Plath family and the Rodrigues family have a long history together. Their daughter, Nurie, is engaged to Nathan Keller Counting On star Anna Duggar’s younger brother. The oldest Plath daughter, Hosanna, had Nurie in her wedding when she got married, and the two young women are good friends. But apparently, Moriah — and possible Olivia, 21, — want absolutely nothing to do with that whole situation.

Welcome to Plathville's Moriah Plath Throws Major Shade at Sisters: They 'Can't Control What I Do'
Courtesy of Moriah Plath/Instagram

Olivia and Ethan, 21, have a strained relationship with his parents, Kim and Barry Plath. And the TLC series showed that Moriah struggles in her family because she doesn’t share their beliefs. So it’s not a total surprise that she might want to be far, far away from any gathering that involves her more conservative family members and family friends whose beliefs align more closely to theirs.

But it’s kind of sad that she apparently doesn’t want to come anywhere near her sisters — particularly Lydia, with whom she seemed to share a nice relationship on the show. However, her sister-in-law Olivia did once say on the series about her relationship with her in-laws, “They don’t trust me and they don’t trust Moriah. They know I have different values and different priorities than them.”

If Moriah has similar beliefs, she may just be drifting apart from the siblings who still follow what their parents always taught them.

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