Mama to the rescue. The Family Chantel star Karen Everett seemingly slammed her son-in-law, Pedro Jimeno, for allegedly “mistreating” her daughter, Chantel Jimeno (née Everett), amid the former 90 Day Fiancé stars ongoing divorce.

“THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!! FELLOW PARENTS! AS LONG AS YOU HAVE BREATH IN YOUR BODIES, DONT EVER ALLOW ANYONE TO MISSTREAT OR RUN ROUGH SHOT OVER YOUR CHILDREN!!! God Bless,” Karen, 55, captioned a selfie of her and her husband, Thomas Everett, via Instagram on Monday, July 12.

Her post came hours after the July 12 episode of her family’s TLC reality TV series, The Family Chantel, aired. In one scene, Karen learned that Chantel, 31, had gotten into a fight with her husband, Pedro, and ended up sleeping at her brother River Everett‘s apartment. Karen and her son River, 23, decided to go visit Pedro, 30, at the home he and Chantel had just purchased so that they could help diffuse the fight and give the the married couple advice about how to work through their issues.

“If I find out that Pedro is mistreating Chantel, Pedro just might be getting his little ass kicked, right, Thomas?” Karen said in her joint confessional with her husband and Chantel’s dad. “That’s right,” Thomas said.

At the house, Karen asked Pedro what caused the fight between him and Chantel. Pedro explained that they were fighting because he felt Chantel was “lazy” and that he had to “push” Chantel to clean their new house. He also said that for the first five years of their relationship, they had an agreement that while Chantel went to school for her nursing degree, Pedro would be the one to take care of the chores in their home. Now that Pedro works full-time as a real estate agent and Chantel works full-time as a nurse, he felt that she should help out more with the chores. Karen suggested that Pedro and Chantel get a maid if they couldn’t agree on how to split the responsibilities of cooking and cleaning.

However, when Chantel learned that her mother had intervened in her marital problems with Pedro in another scene, she became upset.

“Let me tell you something,” Chantel told her mom. “Although you are meaning well, you cannot come to my house and talk to my husband about our relationship.”

She added, “I don’t want you involved. It’s overstepping boundaries.”

Pedro-Chantel-Still-Together copy
Courtesy of Pedro Jimeno/Instagram

While fans are watching Chantel and Pedro’s marital issues play out on TV, it seems they were not able to work things out. In Touch previously confirmed that Pedro and Chantel split as Pedro filed for divorce in May.

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