The Family Chantel star River Everett introduced his girlfriend, Megan Montenegro, to his family on season 3, but are they still together? Keep reading to find out everything we know about River and Megan’s current relationship status. 

How Many Kids Does Megan Montenegro Have?

Megan currently has one son. On the series, the blonde beauty was introduced to River’s sister, Chantel Jimeno (née Everett), and mother, Karen Everett, over lunch. During the interaction, Chantel and Karen found out River’s new girlfriend was also a mother. 

“The only problem with it is being in a child’s life, and then it not working out between the parents,” Chantel explained during their meeting. “I’m not a mother, but like, I wouldn’t suggest that you introduce your son to anybody until you’ve dated them for at least a year.” 

What Is Megan Montenegro’s Instagram? 

Megan can be found on Instagram under the handle @mnmonte21. 

What is Megan Montenegro’s Job? 

On her Instagram, Megan boasts of being a published model and singer. Going by the stage name “Cammy,” the Kentucky native is also an army veteran. 

Are Megan Montenegro and River Everett Still Together?

Despite being five years older, Megan was the first partner River introduced to his close-knit family. Chantel questioned the seriousness of the relationship, to which Megan responded, “We’re just taking our time right now.” 

“Megan is pumping the breaks,” Chantel told producers. “She is a little older and has priorities in place. They are at different places in their life right now, so I’m worried River could get his heart broken.” 

His older sister ended up being right as River faced heartbreak after he showed his girlfriend the song “Kentucky Vibes,” which he seemingly wrote for her. “We both are in two, like, really different places in our lives,” Megan tearfully told him in December 2021 episode. “I feel like you’re always gonna be like needing more from me, and like, right now, I don’t have more to give.” 

In a separate confessional, she added, “I’m not in a place where I can, like, be in a relationship because I just don’t have the time.” 

It seems the pair have stayed broken up as the two no longer follow each other on social media.

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