Ready to dive into the craziness that is The Family Chantel? After becoming fan favorites on 90 Day Fiancé, stars Chantel Jimeno (née Everett) and Pedro Jimeno landed their own spin-off show, and this time, their whole families are joining them. Season 2 of the TLC show premieres Monday, October 12, but in case you needed a refresher, let’s brush up on the cast of characters. We’ve already introduced you to Pedro’s family,  but now it’s time to meet Chantel’s.

Chantel’s Mom, Karen Everett

Mama Everett has stirred up some serious drama in the past. She and Chantel’s dad were the driving force behind hiring a private investigator to look into Pedro and his motivations for marrying Chantel, and she’s never been a fan of her son-in-law. In the past, Pedro’s thrown a lot of shade at her on social media — like, a lot — and she’s given it back on the show just as good as she got it. In the teaser for season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Karen even threatened Pedro with a taser she called Shocky. “This is a way to show a person the door,” she said menacingly.

Chantel’s Dad, Thomas Everett

Thomas has been just as troublesome as his wife. He’s pretty much never approved of Pedro. Together, he and Karen accused their son-in-law of “harvesting” the American dollar by living in the United States with Chantel, working and sending money back home to the Dominican Republic. They also claimed that Pedro’s family was using Chantel to “take advantage of an American and the American dollar.”

Family Chantel Kare Everett Claps Back Lidia
Courtesy of Karen Everett/Instagram


Chantel’s Sister, Winter Everett

Chantel’s sister — yes, her full sister, which Chantel has clarified on social media — has been one of her more peaceful family members, but don’t expect that to stay the same on season 2. In a teaser clip, the sisters get into a nasty fight where Winter calls Chantel a “dumb ass bitch.”

Chantel’s Brother River Everett

If you’re a fan of 90 Day Fiancé, you probably already know River. After all, he’s the one who got in that infamous fight with Pedro. The two men have an on-going feud, and it seems like neither is likely to back down. River thinks that his brother-in-law is majorly “disrespectful” towards his sister and his parents and it doesn’t seem like that opinion is likely to change.

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Courtesy of Chantel Everett/Instagram

Chantel’s Brother Royal

Turns out, Chantel has an older brother named Royal who will be making his debut on season 2, along with his new wife, Philippines native Angenette.

“Royal and Angenette used the same process Pedro and I used, the K-1 visa,” Chantel said in her confessional. “Royal had three months to be able to test out the relationship to see if they are actually compatible. Instead, they got married one week after she got here. That’s time that they missed out on to see if they were even going to work out the way they expect.”

The Family Chantel airs on TLC Mondays at 10 p.m. E.T.

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