What does Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans do for a living? It’s a question that’s been asked by fans repeatedly over the years, especially since she was fired from the MTV show in 2019. A better question might be — what won’t she do?

Over the years, Jenelle has launched a slew of business ventures and online opportunities with varying degrees of success. Though none too successful apparently, as Celebrity Net Worth puts Jenelle’s net worth at just about $30,000 in 2023.

Does ‘Teen Mom’ Alum Jenelle Evans Have a Job?

One thing it seems Jenelle isn’t keen on doing to bring in the bucks — getting a job. Teen Mom star Leah Messer recently announced she got one herself — a “real” job working as a server in a restaurant. And by all accounts (i.e. her Instagram posts), she’s loving the gig. Jenelle, however, questioned Leah’s motive for joining the workforce. In a Facebook post September 7, 2003, she wrote, “My thoughts are… is this real or it it for the show?! MTV made me get a job before just to look more relatable. But good for her if she really chose to.” 

One commenter said they thought everyone should have a job even if you have money. “Working helps to stay out of trouble more often too,” they wrote. Jenelle made it clear she won’t be joining the ranks anytime soon, responding, “I make income so many different ways I stay busy. I don’t have time for 9-5 job. But it’s great being self employed and being around my kids more.”

What Else Does ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Do for a Living?

Jenelle has three kids — Jace, born August 2, 2009, Kaiser, born June 30, 2014, and Ensley, born January 24, 2017. She’s currently married to David Eason, who she’s called out in the past for not having a jobSo what keeps the family financially afloat?

Does ‘Teen Mom’ Alum Jenelle Evans Have a Job? What She Does for a Living After MTV
Courtesy of Jenelle Evans/Instagram

While Jenelle made some bank from MTV during her reign there, it’s been four years since it ended. And even before that, she didn’t bring in as much bank as you might think for nine seasons.  In 2015 on the radio show “Jared and Katie in the Morning” on 17.5 KZL, she said she’d made about half a million dollars from the show.

After her Teen Mom run, Jenelle went on to attempt to launch an eyebrow empire with her JE Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Kit, which went under in 2021. She’s also had a clothing line, attempted to host a podcast and worked to monetize her social media platforms by pedaling a host of products, including menstrual underwear. There’s also her OnlyFans gig where a subscription to her page is $20 a month.

Jenelle Evans Has a New Business Brewing in 2023!

Now, Jenelle is brewing up something new — mushroom coffee. After teasing Instagram users earlier this year that she had a “big brand” in the works, she announced the launch of Time of The Day, “a functional mushroom coffee.” “It’s true,” Jenelle said in a September 28 press release. “Time Of The Day is my new functional mushroom coffee. As you all know, I love coffee. I sourced the best to present you with premium tastes, flavors, and overall health-boosting Time Of The Day mushroom coffees.”

Does ‘Teen Mom’ Alum Jenelle Evans Have a Job? What She Does for a Living After MTV
Courtesy of Jenelle Evans/Instagram

There are three formulas in her line, each promising various benefits from energy and recovery to memory support and stamina.“A delightful twist to the sacred coffee ritual Time Of The Day is a cup of centuries-old medicinal mushrooms,” the release states. “The functional mushroom combinations are blended into a premium instant coffee for a less caffeinated cup of joe and a jitter-free experience.”

Jenelle said after dealing with her own health issues, including migraines and fibromyalgia, she wanted to make lifestyle changes. When she found mushroom coffee, she was sold. How it will sell to others is TBD.

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