If you're curious what Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason does for a living, just ask and he'll tell you… along with a whole load of sarcasm and bitterness. When a fan trolled him for going after MTV even though his family relies on them for money, he clarified how much money he makes (not really), and explains exactly what he does for a job (or lack thereof).

"Do you have a job? Pretty sure you would be on the street if it wasn't for Jenelle and her MTV money," said a hater on Facebook. Since he can't bear to be the bigger person, David quickly responded saying, "I'm sure you are just mad because I probably make at least 100x more money than you." Well, let's see. If said commenter works full time at the national minimum wage of $7.25 (which is higher most places), they would make over $15k a year. Therefore, David's saying he makes at least $150k, which we have a hard time believing, because if he made that much Jenelle could easily quit doing the show that they both supposedly hate so much.

But how does he claim to be making all of this money? "I don't have what you would call a 'job', I'm an investor and business owner but that's none of your busienss, is it?" David explained. When another fan gave him a hard time he continued his rant, saying, "the land and everything else is paid for. You have no idea what kind of money I make."

Then he went after his mother-in-law, saying, "Barb got fired from Walmart and wouldn't have s–t right now if it wasn't for keeping Jace from his mother so she can get an MTV paycheck. I make more in one month than she made in a year (before she got fired)." First of all, Barb says she retired in 2017. Second, Walmart starts employees off making $11/hour, so if Barb was doing that 40 hours/week, then she was making at least $23k a year. If David was making that in one month, then his yearly salary would be around $275,000. So yeah, something tells us David is just totally full of crap, but what else is new.

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