Giving her dogs the royal treatment is getting Farrah Abraham in hot water with her fans. When the former Teen Mom OG star shared that she was spoiling her pets by feeding them “cakes” and dying their fur, she met some major criticism. What she called “puppy heaven” in her Sunday, August 16, post looked more than a little concerning to commenters.

“Do you always feed them junk food??? All I’ve ever seen is you feeding them sweets or your fries. That’s not spoiling them, it’s killing them,” one wrote. “Poor dogs,” a second added.

Others had issues with one pup’s colorful coat. “Is that dog pink?! Or is it a filter?” asked one Instagram user. Another urged Farrah, 29, to “stop dyeing her dog’s hair” because it’s “not good for them.”

Farrah Abraham Carrying Dog With Inset Photo of Dogs Eating Cake
ROGUT/; Courtesy Farrah Abraham/Instagram

The MTV mama doesn’t agree with the hate. In a comment shared exclusively with In Touch, she clarified that the Mishka Dog Cake treats don’t include any dyes and are made with edible gold and fresh ingredients, including veggies, lamb and turkey. The company’s website further notes that it doesn’t add any artificial colors, preservatives or fillers. When it comes to coloring her dogs’ fur, she explained they used dye made specifically for dogs. “Safety is first with our family members,” she said.

Though Farrah didn’t wade into the fray in the comments this time, she has clapped back at critiques in the past. When her followers took aim at her over daughter Sophia Abraham’s manicure, she put them in her place. Speaking exclusively to In Touch, she dismissed any concerns about the 11-year-old being too “young” for long nails and explained that part of her reason for getting matching manis with her daughter is to teach her about nail health and safety.

“Allowing Sophia to be creative in her art and discovery of beauty is nothing to be ashamed of,” she told In Touch in early August. After she went through a “near-death experience” stemming from a “scary foot breakout,” she made a point of addressing the issue with her child. “I realized Sophia should learn about nail health and safety to prevent what I had,” she said. “I’m happy Sophia will be prepared and educated about nail wellness.”

Farrah Abraham and Daughter Sophia

In general, the 16 and Pregnant alum is trying to focus on “lifting up other women” rather than trying to tear anyone down. In July, she told In Touch she wants her future projects to help promote diversity and equality, particularly in “business entertainment.” She wants to use her celebrity to give back to those who aren’t as privileged as she is — and she’s even open to reuniting with her former Teen Mom costars despite their past drama.

“I think [having] adult conversations [with them] would be amazing,” she said. “I mean, I would be open to even hosting a special for Teen Mom, you know, and having all those conversations with everyone. … I’m always ready for a conversation.”

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