Expressing her concerns. Meri Brown explains why she doesn’t want to live under the same roof as her family members on the latest episode of Sister Wives, which aired on Sunday, February 16. Even though her husband, Kody Brown, said that it’s his “dream” for all of them to move in together again, Meri reveals it could create a very uncomfortable dynamic for her.

During the family meeting, the reality star sits alongside Kody’s other leading ladies — Janelle BrownChristine Brown and Robyn Brown — and they discuss the pros and cons of living together in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Meri Brown Thoughts on Living With Family

“[My reason] is more directly related to my relationship with Kody,” Meri, 49, explains in the confessional. “It’s different than I want it to be at this point. It’s easier for me to avoid. I just think it would make it difficult to be in one home for me right now — just because of that.”

When Kody, 51, asks for her opinion on the matter in front of the group, she tries to focus on the positive. “I think that the kids would probably really like to be easily accessible to everybody,” the TV personality replies.

However, shortly afterwards, Robyn chimes in and notes how the younger kids actually don’t like the idea. Kody then explains how it would benefit the children socially to have the experience of living together, as the older kids have.

Meri Brown Thoughts on Living With Family

Afterwards, the father of 18 reveals his thoughts about where his four wives stand on the issue. “Meri seems sort of on the fence, Robyn seems sort of inquisitive … more negative than positive about it to be honest with you,” he shares. “And Janelle was originally seeming sort of positive on it, but I think Christine is so down on this that it’s infecting everybody.”

Kody’s hopes are to build a big home with enough apartment-style sections to accommodate his wives and children. The reality star would also like to create a common area in the middle that can be designated as “his” house, but it looks like they will have to come to an agreement first.

“The only couple time we really had was in our bedrooms,” Christine, 47, said while addressing her worries about their privacy. “I wouldn’t feel like we could be a couple anywhere except for our room again.”

Kody and his wives couldn’t come to a consensus by the end of the episode, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens!

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