To each their own. Sister Wives star Kody Brown admitted there’s a reason some fans have noticed his older kids not appearing on the TLC show as much recently: they don’t always want to be there.

“My older children aren’t always interested in being part of the show,” Kody, 51, revealed on the “Reality Life with Kate Casey” podcast. “And they don’t always have a story to follow. They’re trying to live professional lives. And sometimes it’s a hard balance to make.”

Kody Brown's Family Smiles In Colorado
Instagram/Courtesy of Christine Brown

The host specifically asked the reality star where his son-in-law Tony Padron is, seemingly because he hasn’t appeared on the series this season. His wedding to Kody and Christine Brown‘s daughter Mykelti Brown was a huge storyline just a season or two back, so the absence is pretty noticeable.

But Tony, 25, works in a bank outside of the show, and Kody brought that up as a reason someone in his family might not be on camera as much. “I mean, when you’re on a reality TV show, and you’re trying to work at a bank it becomes extremely awkward,” the TV personality explained. “They try to distance themselves so they can have their own private lives.”

Previously, fans noticed that the oldest son in the Brown family, Logan, also suddenly stopped appearing on the show after a while. When the whole family moved to Flagstaff, Arizona in season 13, they noticed the absence of the older boy when he presumably could have helped lighten the load.

“Where was Logan? The oldest son was nowhere around for this chaotic move!” one fan wrote on Twitter on April 8. “Does Logan even come around anymore or has he totally ditched the family?” another asked in March.

Turns out, Logan’s fiancée, Michelle Petty, is working on her Criminal Justice M.A., and Logan’s Twitter account revealed he is trying to earn his M.B.A. They’re also planning a wedding, but it doesn’t seem like it will be featured on Sister Wives. So, they’re keeping busy!

Honestly, we think it’s totally fair that some of the Brown kids or their spouses just aren’t interested in being on a reality show that much. They didn’t sign up for it in the first place, after all.

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