They might be mending their relationship. Kody Brown had a rather tense discussion with his wives about selling their Las Vegas homes on the Sunday, January 26 episode of Sister Wives, and had his first wife, Meri Brown, stay back for a private talk after the other women left. It was a rather surprising development, given the fact that the two of them have struggled in their marriage for several years.

“I am going to have a conversation with Meri,” Kody, 51, announced just as the camera crew was wrapping up. Meri, 49, looked rather shocked at his statement and her fellow sister wife, Christine Brown, seemed surprised as she stood by the front door getting ready to head out. Kody then discussed the real estate market with Meri and noted how nervous he is to offload the four homes the Brown family still owned at the time back in Vegas.

“At this point, I’m just listening to what he’s saying,” the reality star wife said during a confessional interview. “And trying to figure out why he stayed and why he’s talking to me about this … I honestly don’t understand.”

meri kody brown sister wives

“The reason I just stayed behind to talk to Meri was not necessarily just about talking to Meri,” Kody explained in his own confessional. He called her a “captive audience” and said he just needed to get what he was feeling off his chest.

Kody noted that his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, was “mad” at him, and Christine, 47, also wasn’t happy with how the discussion went. It’s possible he just felt that Meri would be more willing to listen because she seemed more open to what he was saying about cutting their losses with the homes.

“I’m talking to you because you’re the one person I don’t think will freak out very much,” Kody told Meri.

It’s definitely telling that Meri is the wife Kody chose to go to with his emotional burden. The two of them have struggled in their marriage since Meri’s catfishing scandal, but perhaps this is a sign that Kody is willing to work on their bond again.

We think the fact that Kody confided in his first wife over his other three spouses is pretty significant, but what do you think?

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