Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Reveals Why He Won’t Live in One House With Spouses Anymore: ‘Too Much Opposition’

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He had a dream. Kody Brown made it a point to show just how much he wanted his whole family to live in one house again on this season of Sister Wives, but he is no longer an “advocate” of the idea. 

“Not going to consider it,” the father of 18 tweeted on Sunday, February 14, as a new episode of season 15 aired on TLC. “Too much opposition … with gut level emotions. So hard, so sad.”

Kody shut down speculation that moving away from their cul-de-sac in Las Vegas, Nevada, was the cause of their family divide and said the issue ran much deeper. “It was a result of deep emotional need to be separate,” he continued in another message. “It is only obvious because of our behavior. Not stated, but felt.”

“For me it was the realization that one home would NEVER be an option for some family members,” the TV personality shared about what caused him to reevaluate his thoughts. “So many unshared emotions. Then a deluge of past feelings dumped on me.” As for their current living arrangement amid the coronavirus pandemic, Kody said he goes to each of their houses every three or six days. 

Up until recently, the 52-year-old’s plan was to have his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn, live under one roof with their own apartment-style sections of the house. In the middle of it all, there would have been a common area that Kody designated as “his” house.

The common area was going to be big enough for the whole family to gather and would have included one entrance at the front of the house due to zoning reasons.

Despite his wish to proceed, not every wife was excited by the prospect of living all together again after each wife had her own house in Las Vegas. Christine, 48, in particular, was very against the idea during season 14 of the TLC series.

“I would happily live next door to [my sister wives] for the rest of my life,” Christine said on the show. “Absolutely. With them? No, no. Have you met them?” The mom of six laughed afterward, but it was obvious she was serious about needing her own space and some privacy.

Christine live-tweeted during a February 2020 episode of Sister Wives and said she was “a better Mom living separate[ly]” from the rest of the wives. Meanwhile, Meri, 50, and Robyn, 42, had mixed feelings about the idea. 

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Janelle, 51, on the other hand, was worried their family wasn’t “as close as it used to be” because of their proximity. “I’m really concerned that if we choose to live in the four homes versus the one, our family culture will just continue to drift apart more and more,” she shared.

Take a look at the house plans that didn’t pan out in our gallery below.

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