Only Meri Brown Seems to Oppose Kody Being 'Physically Affectionate' in Front of Other Sister Wives
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Bestowing some knowledge. Sister Wives star Meri Brown posted a cryptic quote about relationships from motivational speaker Mel Robbins after opening up about her spiritual marriage to Kody Brown in a season 14 episode. 

“Don’t confuse someone’s inability to love with you being unlovable,” the quote from the television host and author read on Wednesday, August 12.  

Meri Brown Quote About 'Love'
Courtesy Meri Brown/Instagram

Fans have been looking for a life update from Meri, 49, because she rarely shares photos with her spouse on Instagram, and the last time she posted about him on Twitter was in February when the show was still airing. While celebrating their daughter Mariah Brown’s 25th birthday in a sweet tribute on July 29, the TV personality noticeably left out any mention of her husband.

However, the mom of one did enjoy some quality time with Kody and Robyn Brown’s daughter Ariella in early August and shared a pic from their evening together at a campfire.  

“[Ari] was so excited to get that marshmallow burned to black charcoal! Such a fun night listening to her stories about Princess Meri and Princess Ari and their rainbow dresses and matching crowns,” the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn owner gushed. “It’s moments like this that I live for,” she added in her heartwarming caption. 

Meri and Kody, 51, exchanged their vows in April 1990, but she later agreed to legally divorce the father of 18 so he could marry Robyn, and adopt her three kids. 

Meri Brown's Sister Wives and Husband Kody Seemingly Snub Her On Her Birthday
Courtesy Meri Brown/Instagram

Now they are seemingly still in a spiritual union, but viewers have questioned if they would consider parting ways after their drama on the show.

“People ask me all the time why I don’t just leave,” she said in an April episode. The Arizona resident explained she didn’t want to destroy the relationships with the kids and the “good relationships that [she does] have in the family.”

Kody admitted they have struggled at points, yet he said they weren’t “interested in a breakup.” He pondered, “Why break something up that is fixable?” 

The family patriarch also previously noted they have been “trying to heal a very, very deep wound” and it has been a “challenge.”

Although times have been tough, Meri seems to be content with the way things are going in her life!

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